That time I fell asleep in yoga.

On Tuesday night, we unrolled our yoga mats at Yoga Shala.

I have read about this studio for the last three months and have marked down the restorative class a few times in my day planner but have failed to make it there.

I think it would be an understatement to say I was excited, too bad we were greeted by the most unfriendly woman. Actually, I don’t think we were greeted at all. I had a form thrown in my direction, but she never spoke a word. We had to find the dressing room and studio without any guidance. Sad part is, after looking on the website, I believe the grouchy woman at the front desk was actually the owner.

The studio was large and lit only by Christmas lights, it was a bit warm from the class before. We set up our mats by the windows and grabbed every prop available to us:

  • two bolsters
  • two blankets
  • four blocks

The instructor came over to make sure we felt settled, comfortable and welcomed. Thank you, Sarah. You redeemed the studio.

We settled in for a long and relaxing class. In restorative yoga you use gravity to complete 5-7 poses in 90 minutes.

We stretched and held poses draped in blankets.

I took legs up the wall, and got cozy with my eyes closed.


…and then I realized I was breathing heavy and…oh what was that…yeah, I think I began snoring.

I tried not to laugh too loud at myself, and continued on with the class. I almost dosed off again in inclined supta baddha konasana, but managed to keep myself awake.

By the time we got to savasana, I was calm and sleepy. Except for the ticking ceiling fan, or the occasional furnace noise, or the sound of the two women speaking outside.

After we left the studio, and laughed at my snoring, Katey and I decided we loved Sarah as an instructor, we loved the restorative class, but could do without the studio. The sounds and unfriendly presumed owner just left a bad taste.

8 responses to “That time I fell asleep in yoga.”

  1. Krista* says :

    This totally made me giggle! I’ve almost done the same thing, catching myself at the last moment, going “oh man… stay awake!”

    I just found your blog recently, and I’m really enjoying it so far! Can’t wait to read more!

    P.S. I see your from Calgary… I’m fairly close, up in Red Deer! It’s fun to find other ‘local’ people in the blogging world. So many blogs I follow are from the US! 🙂

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      I am so happy you found me! How did you stumble upon S&S? I have been reading stethoscopes and running shoes since you’ve commented, love it!

      If you’re ever in C-town, let me know! On twitter?

      xo, Laur

      • Krista* says :

        I honestly can’t even remember how I found your blog! That’s terrible of me! I think it was either through you commenting on someone else’s blog, or perhaps through twitter some how?! I’ll keep thinking and try to remember! 🙂

        I am on twitter! misskristalee with the same picture as my avatar here for wordpress! I’m following you, I’ll send you a tweet 🙂

  2. queeniecarly says :

    Ewwww! That sucks about the unfriendly owner. 😦

    So…you checked out a restorative class this week, too, huh? (I wrote abut mine last weekend…not sure if you saw.) I’m still on the fence, but I’m back for round two tomorrow. I don’t calm my mind as well as you, evidently. 😉 But, really, who HASN’T fallen asleep in yoga class?!? Seriously…it happens to the best of us.

  3. Petunia says :

    I think you most def did not meet the owner because she is wonderful. If you are going to criticize someone, you shouldn’t really just guess about who he/she is … not really fair, right?!

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Hi Petunia,
      Thanks so much for your comment. It is always great to hear different perspectives.
      I never did say that it was the owner, I am still not 100% sure that it was, and that’s why I used words like “presumed”. I express opinion on my blog. We all have one, and this is my outlet. Everyone may not share the same opinion and that’s what makes us all unique. I’m not telling anyone not to frequent this location, I’m just stating my view. I am a firm believer that everyone should create their own experiences.
      Thanks again,

  4. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Good for you for doing a restorative class. I find it so hard to really go and restore- as it says!

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