I think she knew I was tense.

Welcome to the third stop on the Passport to Prana tour.

There I go, falling in love with a space again. The tiny second floor space of Yoga Santosha.

It is beautiful, and eco friendly, and warm, and spiritual. AND they have a tea bar.

Now that is comforting!

We decided on the 9:00 p.m. Softer Sattva class because the description sounded so relaxing:

This class is designed to bring balance, inner strength and energize the practitioner. A diverse sequence of Hatha postures that flow together, allowing us to reveal the potential that exists within the balanced, open body. After the postures we will do specific breathing techniques to strengthen the lungs and center the mind, followed by a meditation. Combining these three elements of yoga practice, (body, breath & mind) will give you the ultimate yoga experience. Each month we explore a new posture sequence. This class will leave you blissful!

Who doesn’t want to be blissful?

I have never tried Sattva and had high expectations, especially for the meditation time. I am a very big fan of guided meditation, and often go to classes or sit with my ipod and my mala beads.

The studio only has one practice room, so our regular temperatured Sattva class that followed a hot yoga class was anything but cool.  While it was very cozy for opening supta baddha konasana, the warmth wasn’t pleasant for the 90 minute class since I wasn’t in the right mind for a heated class.

The posture sequence being explored for December was body centre poses. Hugging muscles to bones, and drawing awareness into the centre of the body. The class was anything but soft. Core challenging, warm and long. I was a bit worn out and my hip flexers were firing by the end of class instead of my abs (Shut up, stop laughing, they are buried somewhere under there).

I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to talk during class, but the instructor asked if anyone felt pain in their back. I instead asked how to get it out of my hip flexors. She looked at me puzzled and suggested I just try to stretch them. Thanks, tips. I wasn’t thrilled with you before, but now I think you’re more useless. The thing about yoga is that it can be a painful practice if you don’t have a teacher you like. To me, this girl was judgmental and into herself. It’s yoga – get over it and leave it at the door, not on my mat!

After the asana practice we moved onto breathing and meditation.

The Pranayama breathing exercises felt amazing; I liked the Bhramari most since I got to buzz like a bee. The calming effects of Nadi Shodhan is fantastic but makes me light headed.

The meditation time had me thoughtless and happy and still. I am getting much better at clearing my mind and zoning out. I no longer have to focus on blacking out my mind – literally picturing a black mind so nothing else entered. Thanks for that tip, Aar — While we sat in silence, I tried to tune out the instructor as much as possible since I found I’d cringe with her voice.

I brought this agitation into my savasana, and couldn’t get comfortable. I fidgeted on my mat before being surprised by the instructors hands on my ankles. She lifted my legs, pulled them and put them back down, readjusted my scapula, replaced both my arms, pulled on my head, opened my chest to allow my heart centre to shine, and pushed down on my hips. I was an extension of the floor, melted down into it.

It is very common that instructors will readjust, or rub essential oils on students in savasana, or in the case of Sunday’s practice pull on our toes, so I just assumed that everyone in the class got a full body realignment. I was wrong – just me. Katey and Laura let me know neither of them were touched. So she thought I was a bit tense…yup. It felt amazing, but I am still not your fan, honey.

I’d try a Sattva class again, just with a different instructor.

Buddha and the other Laura


3 responses to “I think she knew I was tense.”

  1. Katey says :

    I would try another class too, but with a different instructor.

    I did not find her kind or encouraging – instead she made me feel very inadequate. 😦

    Remember how she kicked Laura? haha.

  2. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Hahahahahaha “thanks, tips” that is wicked. I’m so sorry she wasn’t encouraging and she was into herself! That’s totally not the reason to become a teacher- to make others feel inadequate. In savasana, I often picture a white light that moves closer when breathing in and a little further away when exhaling. Or, just focusing on your breathing (equal parts inhale plus exhale) can be great. I usually think of my grocery list, what I’m having for dinner, or if my instructor has noticed me. I’m such a creep… but you knew that.

  3. Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans says :

    Sorry to hear that the instructor got in the way of your full enjoyment of the class but it is a beautiful studio!

    PS Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!!

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