Hey ladies, what’s up?

What kind of pick up line is that?

What did he say?

Oh my god, look at his hair.

Band guys are so crazy.

Why is he staring at us?

What is he wearing?

So….can I call you?

That’d be the opening conversation from Boy Crazy by New Found Glory. An oldie but a goodie. By the way, band guys are so crazy but in the most fantastic way! Love them. Drummers…*swoon*…almost as crazy as goalies.

This post is dedicated to my girl Elle, who requested a post about how I find the men for my date-a-month project. Or just dates in general.

I’m really not sure why she is asking me, as I’m still single and have more horror stories than love stories. At least I can tell funny stories to my future adopted children about their never-was-their-father. My fault is that I attract damaged men. I love to help people, so that turns into me becoming a therapist for broken boys with a wide range of issues. It’s the downside of being a great listener and advice giver. Again, funny stories to tell. Bright side to everything, my friends.

Oh well, lets move on to how I find my prey.

First we’ll examine ex-boyfriends. We met: through my bestfriend, at a bar, at cheerleading tryouts, at a wine and cheese, at a friend’s party. You just never know when you’ll run into a shiny gem. All ended of course. We: fell apart, realized we weren’t a good match, torment, heartbreak, and not truthful.

I’ve learned a lot from these fellas. What I want, what I don’t want, and what I will never stand for. A bit worse for wear, I have moved on to meeting people in interesting ways.

One of my favourites is to talk to cute boys in line at Starbucks. Make eyes, chat while waiting for your hand-crafted caffeinated beverage, and if things go well ask him to join you at the cozy little table in the corner while you consume said beverage. This one only works if you are not in a hurry. By the time you are finished your expensive and delicious drink you know if you want to run for the hills, or pass over your digits.

Set ups. This one only works if you don’t have cruel friends that would rather laugh at your horror stories than set you up with decent men. Clearly, my loving minxy friends haven’t passed anyone decent my way.

Twitter: where strangers become friends, and occasionally friends become boys I want to makeout with. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve most likely noticed a flirty update – never by accident. I am a very strategic flirt. I love every moment of it. Boys from Twitter, your ‘@’ username is very special to me. I appreciate our friend-lationship.

The same doesn’t apply to Facebook. That space is just creepy and most likely all people you went to high school with. We are here to meet new people. If you wanted to date someone you knew in high school, you would have dated them in high school.

I have never met anyone at the gym or yoga studio, it’s not my thing, but know of people that have found great individuals there.

When I moved, I turned to an online dating site. I didn’t have a social circle to speak of, so why not open up my options to a new medium? I have heard great stories: a friend met her live-in boyfriend off Plenty of Fish, and my mentor and her husband met on Lavalife.  So far, all weirdos or have very obvious issues. And yes, I believe being too nice/polite is an issue. If you can’t attempt to hold my hand after 4 dates because “you don’t want to be too forward” you have issues.

My best piece of advice is to not let the fear of rejection get in the way. If the gentleman isn’t interested, you’re in the same place you were before you asked him to drink coffee across from you: you still don’t know him. Brush it off, and maybe you’ll meet someone in line at the grocery.

Disclaimer: I’m a piece of work. I am not sure if I even endorse these dating tips. What I do know is that you’ll have fun in the process if you take any of my advice.

– Can anyone supply Elle with solid advice? What’s the best way you’ve met someone?


6 responses to “Hey ladies, what’s up?”

  1. QueenieCarly says :

    I love it! Like you, Laura, it isn’t a challenge for me to meet new people – potential suitors (or, in my case, usually suitees) or new friends. It happens in line-ups or on planes, at weddings or online. Your advice is perfect: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE no matter what. The only thing that I would add is: be a YES girl. I think you open yourself up to do many possibilities when yes is your go to response. This doesn’t mean going out with every guy you meet because there are, without a doubt!, some you need to steer clear from, but when you keep yourself open and positive and willing to throw caution to the wind and do whatever comes your way, I believe you invite more opportunity into your life making you a more interesting (and, therefor, attractive) person and you up your chances of meeting others like that.

    And, oh yeah, Twitter. For sure. 😉

    There’s my two cents.

  2. Y is for Yogini says :

    “my prey” — love it! 😉

    cafes, libraries, museums, elevators, and bookstores are good spots, too. and whole foods. mutha f’ing whole foods.

  3. Elle says :

    Girl you are too amazing! I absolutely adore you and your advice. Thanks for dedicating this post to me and all the helpful hints 🙂

  4. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    Hahaha I actually read this the day you posted it but was at work so I couldn’t comment! You have the best stories. I haven’t met anyone in a while because Dean’s been around for about 6 years now! And I can’t say I found men in the best at the age of 20 (before I met him). Him and I met at a run club though! I think it’s always great to meet people in a “common interest” place! We both like being active, so we automatically had something to talk about. And now we are stuck together forever and ever. Poor guy ha.

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