A little small, but it was just right.

We’re back at after a short hiatus (read: my darling roommate was in Australia, and I was horribly jealous).

Yesterday afternoon we took our Passport to Prana cards for another spin. This time at Kensington Yoga Room.

I was a bit confused when we had to preregister for class, you don’t find many studios that still do that. Not a problem, we planned class far in advance and called to secure our spot. When we arrived, I realized why that was needed.

Their tagline “the little studio with a big heart” is no joke. The practice room is tiny. They say it fits 10 people – I’m sure that’s if you stack them on top of each other instead of beside each other.  So calling ahead is needed to make sure you have a spot – or in the case of yesterday, to make sure class was still on. There were 4 of us in the class, including the teacher; talk about personal and private. Jessica really customized the Flow class around her trio of students. After numerous wobbly Eagles, we ditched balance poses and moved to hip openers. We were all happier there. I could only imagine how windy our forest of trees would have been.

I loved the small class size, regular temperature room, and encouragement to move on our own breath – it was such a nice escape from my normal of 45 sweaty bodies twisting and dripping in unison.

Though tiny, the space was warm and full of sunlight – it was a very happy place.

Not me, I am not that awesome...yet.

The class sparked a thought in me that has not surfaced in a while. For the last year and a half – since my injury and since I dove into yoga head first – I have been very interested in becoming a yoga instructor. Last night, I was high on finding a YTT-200hr course that worked for me and my schedule. I am still not sure where I’ll end up, or with what teacher, or at which studio. The one I keep falling back to is Eoin Finn’s (no kidding, right) two-part training in Ucluelet, BC. It spans a few days in May and a few days in September. I’d be in training on my birthday, and the thought of that experience to celebrate is really exciting to me right now. (teacup pig).

I still need to decide, and save the few thousand dollars it costs, but in the meantime I’ll start the required readings:

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain
Bhagavad Gita
by Stephen Mitchell
Yoga Sutras
by Edwin F. Bryant
Somatics by Thomas Hanna
Power vs Force
by David R. Hawkins

I want to begin with Bhagavad Gita, and while texting with Andrea last night I found out she already got it for me for Christmas. She told me that it was very inspiring and thought I would enjoy it. Oh Universe, this is you at play again, isn’t it!?

  • Have you read any of these books? What’s your favourite style of yoga to practice? Teach? Girl needs some guidance.

7 responses to “A little small, but it was just right.”

  1. Katey says :

    Feeling better about my yoga journey after this class – bring on the next one! 🙂

  2. Elle says :

    I’m glad you enjoyed your class! I wish I could get into Yoga more but all the studios around here are so dang expensive!!

  3. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    This is wicked!!!! The passport to Prana is such a great idea. I read a bunch of books before/during my theory- mostly Yoga for Athlete books like Sage Rountree’s or Yoga Anatomy. I also liked reading the Monk who Sold His Ferrari and got a subscription to Yoga Journal. Yay, good for you, yogi!!!!!

  4. rockafellaskank says :

    How exciting… something to look forward to and what a fabulous goal!

  5. queeniecarly says :

    That’s pretty great. The place where I practice is like that. They say that they can fit about the same, maybe ten, I think, but I certainly do not want to be there on that day! I appreciate those smaller classes, really, so I like that.

    You had a Passport to Prana in TO, too, didn’t you?? I know I looked into it before, but I need to investigate for here again! 🙂

  6. Timmy says :

    The first time I did yoga I feel in love with it. It’s helped me so much. Hot yoga is my favorite yoga yet.

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