‘Twas the night.

I just realized I haven’t introduced you to my newest toy. I know I showed you what it can do, but not showed you it.

It needs a name – I haven’t even decided on if it’s a girl or a boy yet. I’m leaning towards Nick. Ideas?

Whoever it is, I took them out on the town last night for ‘Twas the Night – a fundraiser for United Way at the mall. Shopping and charity. Love.

They opened the mall (that usually closes at 6) from 6:30-10 p.m. for eager holiday shoppers, and those who just wanted to see and be seen. A great place to people watch.

I ignored the stand-and-repeat, didn’t care too much for Lainey Gossip, but the tree sure looked gorgeous.

The other fun thing about the event, was the organizers realized a 6:30 p.m. event doesn’t leave time for normal people to grab dinner. To remedy that, little tables were set up across the mall with different tasting plates and drinks – alcohol stayed in Holts, who doesn’t want single malt scotch?

Or Yorkshire pudding stuffed with mashed potatoes, turkey and gray.

Mom, can we have these for Christmas dinner?

We stopped mid-shop for a performance from Chantal Kreviazuk!

Have I mentioned I adore her? Her weird voice, and love songs – she’s one of my most played female artists on my ipod.

I have most of my shopping finished, so I didn’t go mall-crazy. Bought a toque for myself from The Gap for 70% off, how savvy of me!

The best part of it all?

As delicious as they look! This camera really likes taking photos of dessert.

A little roommate bonding all for a good cause, ’twas a good night!

Oh, and what you actually care about. The winner from yesterday’s gratitude challenge is:

Lucky commenter number two: Ms. Katy.

Doesn’t hurt to compliment the giveaway host 😉 kidding! it was legit random.

Darling, send me your mailing address to bridgman.laura@gmail.com – hope you don’t mind if I take the liberty to put together a little care-package for you (You can tell me in the email if you do).

Even if you didn’t win, feel free to send the mailing address over – I’m a huge fan of the postal system 😉

7 responses to “‘Twas the night.”

  1. sister says :

    you do know Mom probably thinks Yorkshire pudding is a dessert, right? And since she can’t make what she thinks it is…we’ll have pudding in a cloud for Christmas. (actually, word on the street is, I’m making a trifle)

    what mall closes at 6 on a week night out there?

  2. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, I’m so excited! THANK YOU! And I think you should call your camera Katy. Just saying. LOVE the bangs, gal. And that night looks heavenly- if not for the food and booze- but Chantal! Holy that must have been amazing. Thank you soooo much again! Can’t wait for our bloggie get together!!!

  3. Brynn says :

    Wow! What an awesome event; love the food and entertainment, too. Have fun with the new camera!

  4. LiveForTheRun says :

    Yummy. Loving the new camera to. This is the perfect kick off to the season.

  5. Anna says :

    Oh you went to Twas the Night! I’m in Vancouver but my fave gossip blogger, Lainey Gossip, was hosting the red carpet there and my sister lives in Calgary and I emailed her before telling her she must go – Chantal Kreviazuk performing, hello? $15 a ticket for charity? Sounded like such an awesome event; I wish I could be there!

    I’m buying myself a Nikon for Christmas :). Trading in my old Olympus SLR at long last. Is it a D5100? I couldn’t quite tell from the pic – I think that’s the model I decided on getting – so excited! Do you find it easy to use?

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Hey Anna,
      It is a 5100 and the thing is a breeze to use. I’m still fiddling with the aperture, but I think the only reason I don’t get it is because I’m a bit special. It is a great camera, and takes some pretty fantastic shots. I haven’t been disappointed with the purchase at all! it was my birthday present to myself. It makes the perfect self-gift.

  6. queeniecarly says :

    I bought myself a camera a while back and it isn’t the greatest of all, but it had a hefty price tag on it so I trusted that. lol In truth, I carry it around to significant events, but I end up using the camera on my iPhone for almost everything. I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

    Looks like a great event. I’m glad you documented it so well! Those Yorkshire puddings look really cool! I’ve been researching something similar in turkey/stuffing/mashed potato cupcakes, but may change my course now that I’ve seen those… 🙂

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