The old guy, the icon, and me.

Last Monday, I got to go to an advanced screening of My Week with Marilyn thanks to Calgary Fashion and Alliance Films.

It’s based on the book “The Prince, the showgirl, and me”, which is based on Colin Clark’s six months on set with Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe.

As much as it’s about a first job on a film set, on a deeper level it’s about insecurities, expectations and first love. I enjoyed the movie because it’s about Marilyn (big, huge crush), but mostly because it really made me think.

I took October’s date, who ended up being November’s date. He took me to the ballet, that’s worth a second chance month. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t know the blog URL). He’s ‘the old guy’, Marilyn is ‘the icon’, and then there is me.

We both agreed we could really relate to the main characters; him, the lovestruck Colin and me, the insecure and attention-loving Marilyn. It’s actually quite perfect that we chose those characters – they mirror our non-relationship. We even kind of look like them: the tall and skinny brunette and the short and curvy blonde. I wish appearance was what I saw of myself in her, it wasn’t. It was the way she treated men, it’s the way she found her confidence, it’s the way she saw herself in others.

Post-movie, we talked about first loves aka emotional torture. He’s lucky enough to not have contact with his – I’m lucky enough to still be friendly with mine. Who wins? Neither of us.

I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, so I won’t talk about the plot much. If you have read anything about Marilyn’s life you’ll know it was troubled. She married a handful of times, had a problem with pills and booze, and looked to be validated externally. She couldn’t find the confidence in herself.

One of my favourite quotes in the movie was something along these lines: just imagine what could happen if she knew how extremely talented she was.

Breathe that one in. Imagine what you could do if you realized your full potential.

I’m thinking about my dreams and how they can be turned into reality. I’m learning just how talented I am, and embracing it. I’m manifesting greatness up in here, yo. Come along for the ride, won’t you?

Isn’t she so beautiful?!

7 responses to “The old guy, the icon, and me.”

  1. sister says :

    amazingly written, Laur! Love this…can’t wait to go see it for myself.

  2. queeniecarly says :

    So often people see a film, read a book, whatever, about/by someone they admire and walk away with little more than the comment “it was great!” Your response is really super insightful and I love that.

    I’ve been catching glimpses of my potential lately. In places where I thought I was just getting by, I never had the confidence to realize that I have actually excelled. I endlessly compare and grade myself based on how others appear. I have always totally fallen for the confidence factor. If someone acts confident, then they must have earned that has been my thinking and I just buy it. It’s finally dawning on me now that the most able and admirable people I know are the most modest and humble; the most show-offy and arrogant are the least credible.

    How does one cultivate potential? I suppose you just dig in and work at it every single day. I don’t suffer as a result of overwhelming insecurities, but I have begun to wonder what I have missed out on because I thought I wasn’t quite good enough. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

  3. Elle says :

    I want to see this so bad and hearing your reviews makes it sound even better!

    What’s the potential for Mr. OctoNovembo? (That’s my nickname for him now)

    Also, I think you should do a post on how you meet and get dates with these guys! I’m 23 and haven’t had a date in too long!!

    Hope this Tuesday finds you well 🙂

  4. rockafellaskank says :

    Great post… yes, imagine if we were able to harness our full potential!!!

    I’ve never been a huge Marilyn fan, but she does look stunning in some of those photographs!


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