Go vertical, if horizontal doesn’t work.

The weekend was fantastic. The Chinook brought temperatures above freezing, and I decided to enjoy the outdoors before everything was covered in a layer of snow again.

I put on my run gear and set out to the trail down Memorial, by the river.

Looks friendly, doesn’t it? I look pretty happy. Well I wasn’t. Gorgeous trail aside, it was a horrible run. I kept myself busy by snapping photos between run-walk intervals.

I live in Bridgeland (I know, Bridgman in Bridgeland – it’s perfect!) Isn’t it beautiful? Just north of downtown. My love of skylines is fulfilled daily!

My prediction of possibly dying during my race is still very clear in my mind. I am not a runner. I have a very difficult time running indoor, and it’s so much worse outdoor.

I had my heart set of getting in a good sweat, I was not willing to give up on my weekend workout. If running along the river wasn’t going to happen, maybe vertical was the way to go. Stairs!

I attacked the set of wood stairs that takes your from the river to the top of the bridge. 65 stairs. Up then down I went, four sets.

The view was great from the top, and by the middle of the third set my legs needed the rest to snap a photo (felt like a mixture of burning and wobbly).  I LOVED IT. There will be plenty of stair workouts in my future.

Running? Well, I’m still working on that but not convinced yet that I’ll survive.


3 responses to “Go vertical, if horizontal doesn’t work.”

  1. queeniecarly says :

    I’m the opposite. I love to run outside and totally fail indoors. It’s all the scenery and the action that keeps my mind off of what I’m actually doing. 😉

    I love Calgary. It’s such a gorgeous city. I am deeply envious of your locale, m’dear!

  2. rockafellaskank says :

    Well done on the stairs. I hate hate HATE stairs. And hills! So, great work.

    And the photographs look great!


  3. Ali Mc says :

    Nice that you live near the Chinook. It looks so cold there. Normally it’s already freezing where I am, but it’s not! thanks for entering my giveaway glad I found your blog. Cute name!

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