Checkin’ out the co-eds.

Before the move I worked out in an all-women’s gym. Since leaving university in 2007, I never cared about what I wore to the gym, what my hair looked like, or if I had makeup on my face. My slightly hairy legs and over-sized ripped tees were no deterrent to my sweaty routine. I felt comfortable to use the free-weights, as much mirror space as I wanted, and sprint or lunge up and down the  narrow hallways like I owned the joint. I knew all the trainers, and most of the women who frequented the location, it was like a second home.

I lucked out when I was looking for jobs in Calgary and landed a sweet gig in the headquarters of a fitness empire – three brands, 25 locations province wide. With the new job, I was also handed three gym memberships. Two for me and one for my spouse…oh wait….so, I have three memberships.

Though the majority of my work is done for the all-women’s brand, our head office is in a really nice co-ed location. I still get to the all-women’s gym to understand the culture and to better interact with members, but it is just too convenient to walk out of my office and into the gym.

What a major shock to the system! Adding men into the mix was one thing, but it’s also a whole different culture of ladies.

Thankfully, I still don’t care.

I love that I’m a sweaty mess. I love that my face turns bright red when I workout (I get it from my momma – thin skin).

I huffed and puffed as I got through Week 2, Day 3 of the C25k training series on the treadmill, people watching while singing in my head to keep me from asking repeatedly why I am doing this to myself.

There was a great mix of muscle men on the treadmills, old men on the recumbent bikes watching TV, a girl in teeny shorts on the elliptical, and a meat head in a tank top watching the girl in teeny shorts on the elliptical.

I have nothing against anyone who is trying to get a workout in. I encourage everyone to break a sweat, and better themselves no matter the intensity. What I do have a bit of an issue with is those who seem to pay a monthly gym membership to flirt. Sure, you know the people you meet are interested in fitness, and depending on the dues it may be less expensive than a dating site, but please don’t take up a treadmill I could use.

Tonight, I watched a girl in full makeup, with her hair down, wearing cropped tights and an off the shoulder sweater, look for her next boyfriend. She walked slowly on a treadmill with her head on a swivel. Luckily for her well-groomed appearance I didn’t notice a bead of sweat. She gave the once-over to any man who came her way and finally settled on the above mentioned meat head in a tank top. He sweat enough for the both of them.

I don’t understand that aspect of the gym. Maybe it is because I have worked out in a same-sex environment for so many years, or possibly because I don’t get gussied up, so why would I want to talk to men? I am there to better myself, that takes up all of my time and dedication.

I guess I can chalk it up to funny observations on a Tuesday night. I know what you’re thinking…mind your own business, Bridgman! No way! I can’t get enough of people watching, and I will sweat like a maniac while I do it. So there! *sticks out tongue*

The only cute part to tonight’s workout?

My bow! (The real best part of the photo is how wicked the scar through my eyebrow looks – maybe I cracked my head open on a rock after falling down a flight of stairs, maybe not).

I’m still getting used to the bangs, and when I decided on my wicked haircut I didn’t take into account how gross bangs would get when I got sweaty. If I do nothing, they stick to my five-head and encourage sweat to drip in my eyes. Most headbands make them stand up straight and make me look like a little pineapple – I need to get a photo of that! So pinning them to the side with one of my 204803 bows seemed like a great idea. Definitely worked! Have I mentioned I LOVE BOWS!? Can anyone out there with bangs suggest a great sweaty fix?

So what are your thoughts on meeting people in the gym? Should I just grab some makeup and get over it? Or do you agree that talking and flirting should be kept off the cardio floor?

10 responses to “Checkin’ out the co-eds.”

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    OMG hahahaha this might be the best post ever!! I want to see your pineapple hair! I’m not big on meeting people at the gym. I go there strictly for business and then I am OUT. Talking to people makes me stay longer and why would I want to do that when I have a gazillion things to do?!?! Plus, I am not available so I don’t have any interest in meeting andy meatheads…or old men for that matter!

    Congrats on getting through the first few weeks of training!! So exciting 🙂

  2. EmilyS says :

    I’m not sure that the answer to this is as simple as yes or no. While I do not go to the gym with any intention other than getting my sweat on, I can see why others might keep one eye open for a cutie. If you’re into fitness, it would be great to meet someone else who sees this as an important part of your life. However, as Rebecca Eckler points out in this blog post…there are some perils to working out with your beau:

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Thanks for sharing that link, Emily! It does sound sweet, and I think I would also enjoy a yoga class with my man, once I have one. It would be fantastic to share a passion of mine with my newest passion. All the fun little quirky things couples do that Rebecca mentions are adorable.

      I’m just not sure I want to lock eyes for the first time with a potential new beau as we both try to balance in eagle pose. “Hey baby, you know this position is a great awakening for your reproductive organs? It send blood rushing to your pelvis when you release.”

      If I’d have to meet a guy in any sort of animal named pose, I’d pick pigeon. A good yin-yang mix, usually more submissive, and I can still think of numerous funny things to say about the pelvis in this pose, too! 🙂

  3. Karin says :

    Meeting someone at the gym is a great possibility, but it shouldn’t be the goal. Working out, and getting fit is the goal, and if you meet someone along the way….great. I met a nice guy at the gym a few years ago. It wasn’t my intention, and I didn’t get all gussied up either. I was there to workout. We hit it off, and did some 5K runs together. Enjoy the gym, and have fun.

  4. Jonathon says :

    When I did have a gym membership I admit the occasional lady would catch my eye but it was never my reason for showing up

  5. Anna says :

    I LOVE the bow! And I go to a mixed-gender gym but I work out in the women’s-only section – the best way to get a good workout is to not care about how you look when doing it, I find!

  6. Elle Hattan (@ElleHattan) says :

    I love your bow! It’s such a cute way to “dress up” your workout wear. I’m torn between this post because I do believe that you need to go to the gym to get your sweat on but I also believe that you should dress in a way that makes you feel confident. For me, that means wearing cute workout clothes… plus it motivates me to get my butt there!

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