Today is a very special day.

A lot of remarkable things have happened on November 10.

I’ll share a list with you compiled by my funny dad:

1674-Dutch surrender New York City to the British. Suckers!
1951-First ever long distance phone call made without operator assistance.
1963-Gordie Howe becomes the # 1 goal scorer in hockey history. (Many people have surpassed him since)
1969-Sesame Street debuts on PBS.
1975-The Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Superior. (Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about it.)
1989-Germany starts demolishing the Berlin Wall (One of the great moments of our lifetime so far)
1983-Microsoft releases “Windows” for the very first time ever.
1993-Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat opens in New York.

Note: I didn’t even add the comments, those were all his. See where I get it from? Also, notice how many times he mentioned NYC? He knows we love it there!

Another thing that happened. Sister!

SO CUTE! Still darn cute!
Happy Birthday, Allison!
Love you and miss you, sister!
Happy Birthday to the photogenic daughter, from the awkward looking kid they try to hide in the back.
So go and enjoy your Thursday, and if you’d like you can leave Alli some birthday love in the comments or find her on Twitter – @allisonbridgman and give her some wishes there. It’d mean a lot to me, and I know it would for her, too.

3 responses to “Today is a very special day.”

  1. sister says :

    This is the best, EVER! Thank you so much. Obvs, I’m crying, love it.

  2. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    I’m a couple of days late on this one – sorry! Happy birthday Allison!!!!! I hope you had an amazing day and enjoy your weekend!

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