It’s possible.

Greetings from my cozy office!

Yup, I’m set up at Starbucks trying to get caught up on a few articles and some blog work. Have you checked out my Contact page? I just added a training page for my C25k today, too. With Week 1 officially finished, I am feeling accomplished and on track.

I’ve done a lot of thinking this weekend and realized a few things:

– it’s possible to write about fitness in an interesting and exciting way. For the times that it is not interesting, it will be hidden on a dedicated page.

– it’s possible to keep amazing relationships alive cross-country with a little bit of effort.

– it’s possible to ache for a friend’s loss like it is your own. I’m very proud of you, buddy!

– it’s possible to be grateful and thankful for every spec of life without sounding like a crazy-face. (read: at least I don’t think I’m crazy.)

– it’s possible to complete a full week of the C25k training program – I haven’t done that before.

– it’s possible to let your Starbucks go cold because you are too deep with your own writing to pay attention to coffee.

– it’s possible to write words you would never say out loud.

– it’s possible to share those words in the near future (hint: I’m guest posting for a certain fun, faithful, fitness woman)

– it’s possible to be amazed and proud of yourself.

– it’s possible to go against the norm and be okay if others don’t understand your path.

– it’s possible to have great relationships with strangers. Isn’t the blog world so lovely?

– it’s possible you won’t like everyone, and that’s okay.

– it’s possible to be surprised, even though I gave out my mailing address. Thank you, Emerging Thought!

What a weekend! Hope yours was fantastic, too!

2 responses to “It’s possible.”

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    Ahhh I LOVE YOU! Seriously my office looks like your office. Ha. I am so happy that you are on tack for your training plan. You are a rockstar and I am so excited for your new adventure and goal that you set for yourself. Crossing that finish is going to be so SWEET!

    I feel so lucky to know you and I can’t wait until our next blogger meet-up!!

  2. Elle Hattan (@ElleHattan) says :

    I love that you’re blogging more. I’ve missed you! I’m right there with ya on the C25K program… I need to get ready for winter weather! You are amazing and I hope you have a great week 🙂

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