Dear hip flexors.

Dear hip flexors,

I remember that you are there, but I appreciate the reminder you give me when you tighten up after a run. I’ll add you to the list of body parts to ice that already includes knees and ankles.

I will also spoil you with lots of stretching. When I do this I would appreciate if you played along and stopped hurting. I’m only doing what’s best for you.

So after lacing up again on Wednesday, I couldn’t help but feel my hip flexors talk to me on Thursday. My gate was a little tight and the sting was a little more than annoying. I was so happy that Katey and I had planned out first passport to prana yoga excursion.

We headed to Tri-Yoga Calgary for their 6:45 Beginners & Beyond class with teacher Amy Theissen.

My Review:

I would suggest this class for beginners and those looking to get a deeper understanding of the correct alignment and posture needed for very basic poses like Tadasana and Plank. If you are looking for a full asana class, you’re not getting it here. No normal sun salutations, no balance poses, no hip openers. You do get a great look into the difference of doing a pose correctly and incorrectly. You pay attention to rooting your feet, tucking your tailbone, keeping your scapula down and back, ribs in and neck tall. You will stand in mountain pose like you never knew you could. The heated room is a bit overpowering at first, but by the end of the 75min class I forgot I was hot. I wasn’t sweating as much as I’d like to. Did I mention their studio is beautiful?

The best part of it all: Amy! What a fantastic instructor, she is encouraging and funny and gives very exact and helpful adjustments. She tells inspiring stories about tiger hands, flowers, and snake bodies – please, I can’t really remember – but I do know that the moral of the story was to push yourself continuously to achieve greatness. That’s the kind of Kool-Aid I’ll drink.

Left the class a little sweaty, deeply relaxed, and better tuned into my body. I need more of a challenge than this, but I think most can benefit from the posture refreshers.

One down, eight to go. I’ll post all of my studio reviews on my Prana page and encourage everyone to check out passport to prana if you want a rocking deal on yoga.

Tonight? I ran. Week 1, Day 2.

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