Guest Post: Sister

Hey hey hey S&S readers!

Loyal readers will recognize me as “sister” in Laura’s posts.  I’m not a blogger (don’t hate), but I’ll try my best to navigate you through my Alberta adventure.  Buckle up, it’s gonna be a fun ride…

Ever notice that getting up at 4am usually sucks? Who am I kidding, it sucks in all but 1 situation…heading to the airport to visit your most favourite person! October 8th could have been Christmas morning for me; the alarm went off (My Body by Young the Giant, ch-ch-check it out), I boogied in bed for a few bars (true story) then jumped out, danced around my room a little and was sitting in the car before 4:30am.  I was 7.5 short hours away from seeing my sister in the first time in a month.  Now, I can hear ya’ll griping, “a month? Sister, that’s not very long”.  Well, let me tell you, I was used to seeing Laura 1-2 times a week since she told me about the big move.

A woman spilled most of her ice capp on me, then I nearly puked on the plane (TMI? Whoopsie.  There was a lot of turbulence), but nothing could faze me.  As we touched down in Calgary, this is what I saw:

Starbucks in hand, Laura met me on the other side of the gate (sidenote: ladies and gents, always park and meet your visitors inside the airport, it makes them feel extra special).  After a big hug a no tears (I was all misty eyed before, I’m such a sap) we took off to breakfast before the trek to Jasper.

Has something ever completely taken your breath away? Holdup, sure your boy is cute, he’s pretty swoonable, but, I’m talking this-is-so-awesome-I-can’t-speak-I’m-just-gonna-stare? No? Drive from Calgary to Jasper.  I have never seen the Rockies before, and haven’t seen anything so majestic.  Ok, I have, in Austria and Switzerland, but, this is in our proverbial backyard.  What do you say, other than “wow”?

So, how did I like Jasper? It was nice.  Very cute, quaint, and we drank local Raspberry Ale at the Jasper Brewing Co., but I’m not rushing back.  Maybe I should fess up to you fitness lovers on S&S, I can work-it-out in a little hot yoga and try not to fall over while on the treadmill with the crush (swoon), but I don’t hike mountains or get in a canoe.  It’s just not me.  So, if you heart the outdoors, get your be-hind to Jasper, you’d love it.  We did however, see our first wildlife in Jasper, a very large group of Elk or deer; what we didn’t see was 1 of the 300 black bears.  I’ll ruin the ending for you, obviously saying “all I want to see is a baby black bear” doesn’t make a baby black appear.  I’m still waiting…

I thought I was all “this-is-so-awesome-I-can’t-speak-I’m-just-gonna-stare” on the drive, but jaw-dropping-ness of Alberta (to me) was Lake Louise.  Um, hello, beautiful! You all saw Laura’s post earlier after Mom went to visit, right? You’ve already had the opportunity to see what I’m talking about.  After an impromptu photo shoot, we attempted to have high tea at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (yah, who’s fancy now?), but, evidentially, Thanksgiving is still high season and since we didn’t have a reservation, it was delicious tea and some shared desserts (get the chocolate lava cake with passion fruit sorbet…so yummy).  Adorable, right?

A little peak at the best of our photo shoot:

After an afternoon in Lake Louise, we were on our way to the last stop of the vacay within the vacay, Banff.  I know, I know, you’re sick of hearing it…but really, um, wow! Oh, but wait, it got better; on our last morning we went up the Banff Gondola.  Remember when I said I wasn’t all about the outdoor activities? Well, after the gondola to the top of 1 mountain we walked (by which I mean I huffed and puffed, and dragged my bottom) 1.1km to the highest peak.  Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, it wasn’t a nice little 1.1km stroll, it was 1.1km of stairs.  But, we did it!  In the end, the view was worth it.  And thanks, I can hear your words of congratulations all the way from Guelph, you’re so sweet!

We also met a few special friends just before we left Banff:

On the last day, we had a day of sister love filled with shopping, lunch, cupcakes and a stroll in Kensignton…but seriously, shouldn’t all days be filled with these things?

And now, well, I’m back in Ontario, not jetlag (yay me!), thinking about one of the best mini-vacations I’ve ever been on and a little sad that BBM is down cause I’m having sister withdrawal.

Till next time…


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