Life is peaceful here in the open air

I finally got around to sorting through the photos from my trip out here (a month later).

Northern Ontario was beautiful, especially the drive from Sault Saint Marie to Thunder Bay.

Meese not included!

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are boring.

And then…

BOOM! Home sweet home!

Right away we took Karen’s advice and went to Banff to see the mountains.

One thing she didn’t mention was this stunning sight.

My new favourite place, Lake Louise.

COWBOYS! And they are really dressed like that, it’s not a costume. I’m not used to this yet. It’s like every day is Halloween. Side note: I need a new fall back costume for Halloween. Looks like cowgirl won’t cut it in these parts!

My squirrel friend.

We got pedicures at different places, and picked the same colour without knowing. She’s a bit more tanned.

Mom and I are twinners.

Have I mentioned I love Lake Louise?

So when are you coming to visit?

One response to “Life is peaceful here in the open air”

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    WOW LAURA! It looks incredible over there! What an awesome view! You and your mom are so cute 🙂

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