A birthday and a winner!

Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes. It was such a lovely day! The weather here in Calgary features lots of sun, and is sitting in the mid-20s. My perfect weekend.

I started yesterday with a massage at the Stillwater Spa in the Hyatt. It was such a fantastic relaxing experience. After my rub down, I took advantage of the hot tub, steam room and think I spent an hour in the shower under the overhead rain shower head. After beaming at check-in that it was my birthday (yes, I tell everyone) the concierge surprised me with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate. So so sweet, and what a lovely treat!

From there I headed over to Kingsland Farmers’ Market and bought everything offered.

Note: not pictured are the four macrons I gobbled up.

Full of French pastries and stocked up on fruits and veg, I got home to a little birthday surprise from Katey.

Yes, that would be erotic wrapping and cupcakes. I’m really not sure how else I’d want to celebrate.

Oh wait, maybe like this:

Thanks for letting me drink out of the pimp cup last night, boys! I had such a great birthday!

Now what you actually care about. Remember this?

Oh yes, the winner of this gorgeous Tiny Devotions mala is….

Number 18 – Miss Allie.

Congratulations, girl!

Thanks for all the lovely compliments, and I think you should start that blog you were speaking of! Send me an email at bridgman(.)laura(at)gmail(.)com with your mailing address.

If you’re not Allie and still want to get a mala of your very own, check out the Tiny Devotions website and give Diana a call, or send her an email. Make sure to tell her who sent you 😉

Couch nap time? Nothing sounds sweeter!


One response to “A birthday and a winner!”

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    This sounds like the best birthday ever!! So happy you had an amazing time! That cupcake looks so goo and so do all the veggies!! I am SO jealous of the winner. I want to buy one for myself anyway. I have become obsessed with malas ever since you featured it! Have a fabulous day! xoxo

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