Be strong, hold on tight.

It can provide self confidence and the assistance in mastering one’s destiny….

And with that, I wore my Tiny Devotions Black Onyx mala every day when I was trying to decide what I would do with my life. Whether Toronto still had a place for me or if it was time to move on.

I struggled; did I have the guts? Was it a good idea? How crazy was this decision?

We all know what decision I made.

I wore my mala when I quit my job. I wore my mala when I told my family the news. I wore my mala as I packed up my life. I wore my mala to a job interview for a new position in Calgary.

It was my nerve; it was my strength. It was telling me that I had made the right decision and I could stop worrying. And that interview was going to be my future – I didn’t need its strength anymore, I had my own.

My Black Onyx mala!

So here is the fun part, I found out today that Tiny Devotions wants to celebrate my birthday the best way I know how – they want you to share in the good luck, good energy, healing, health and fortune!

I’m giving away the gorgeous Creative Catalyst mala.

Here is what you have to do:

Mandatory – Leave me a comment telling me why the Creative Catalyst mala is perfect for you.

Extra – Like Tiny Devotions on Facebook and leave them a fun little note letting them know how much you want to win a mala
– Follow Tiny Devotions on Twitter
– Tweet something sassy and include @LaurBridge and @tinydevotions and

Leave a separate comment letting me know which actions you’ve done.

Contest closes on Sunday, September 25 – so enter now! Good luck!

*note: I want to send a big ol’ personal thank you to Diana, the creative mind behind Tiny Devotions, for introducing me to malas, being such a positive model of strength, a friend, and a generous person.

58 responses to “Be strong, hold on tight.”

  1. dailycynema says :

    It’s gorgeous! I’ve been battling a case of writer’s block and I would love to glean strength from the Creative Catalyst mala to help me break through it.

  2. dailycynema says :

    Following @tinydevotions on twitter!

  3. Kathryn says :

    oh my gosh I’m so happy I read this because I can totally relate to your story. I recently quit an office job to pursue my interests in documentary filmmaking. That being said I believe the creative catalyst mala would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe to help me stay focused and driven in this field and to remind me every day to stick out the dry spells and rejections and remember why I’m so passionate about this medium. Plus it is a beautiful piece.

  4. dailycynema says :

    I left some love for Tiny devotions on their Facebook page. Now, it’s time to wait for the universe to conspire to help me win this gorgeous mala! xoxo

  5. Janet says :

    Good Morning … the Creative Catalyst mala is absolutely gorgeous!
    Along with being a full time yogini and artist, I have been writing a book for a number of years. This book is a wonderful guide for conscious living, eating, and being. Hard as I try, I just don’t have the “umphf” it takes to slide it into the next phase … agent query letters! And a table of contents which means it would be ready for editing which means I would be finished! Yikes. Next August is my 50th birthday and it is my desire to have it completed by then. This is where the Creative Catalyst mala comes into play, she would be my new trusted friend, my inspiration, my kick in the * and just perhaps as an added bonus … I might find true love. 🙂

  6. Lyndsay says :

    I think the Creative Catalyst Mala is perfect for me because lately I have been struggling with the idea of abandoning my dream of becoming an actress cause I have been unsuccessful, and have been at it for a few years now.

  7. QueenieCarly says :

    Okay, for one thing…it’s GORGEOUS! Second, you know me, Laur. I’m always talking about this and that, always thinking about how to make the funky things I imagine. A little inspiration, some creative wind beneath my wings is just what the doctor ordered, my girl!

    Also, I can’t believe your mala broke! I think I’d panic if that happened to me, too. I love that TD fixed it for you. Yay!

  8. L. Roxanne Evans says :

    I am currently rebuilding my life after a series of major challenges over the last year including a miscarriage, a death, an end of a relationship and near-fatal car accident. My business is expanding and we have many opportunities ahead of us. Your mala will help provide creativity and inspiration to keep me motivated towards more positive change in my life. And….I think it’s very beautiful and would look great with my coloring and wardrobe! Thank you for this chance. ~Roxanne

  9. Erin D says :

    Perfect for me! I’m starting a new health counseling business all on my own. Creativity will help me be successful in problem solving, creating new healthy recipes, and making sessions fun for my clients. The healing qualities of this mala will also help with me overcome dissapointments which are sure to come with starting any new business . Perfect for me! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I'm already a fan on facebook, twitter, and I'll tweet about you too!

    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Whitney Grace says :

    The catalyst mala would be perfect for I am a new yoga teacher who is gearing up to brain storm with two wonderful teachers that have opened a new studio!
    We will need good vibes, great ideas and creative ways to spread the message of peace, love, yoga.

  11. Aine (@dainec) says :

    I would love to have the Creative Catalyst mala because I NEED a burst of inspiration. I’m a copywriter, and it can be quite challenging to come up with fresh topics and approaches on a regular basis. I also could use a creative burst to keep my live from becoming too stale… you know?

  12. Danielle says :

    Great post! Way to follow your true path 🙂 I myself have always followed “my” path, no matter how hard at the time… even as I reflect upon my tough teen years (kicked out at 12, lived with abusive adopted parents, ran away, moved around from house to house, etc – feeling loneliness and lack of true sense of self for a long time) to my 20’s – strong, independent, finishing college for Holistic Health, completed Reiki degrees, mother of 1, stepmother of 3 – I am feeling I am at a huge turning point in my life yet I feel totally blind. I’m not sure where to turn and how to truly move forward in my passions; one of them being to empower young girls of all backgrounds and lifestyles to feel empowered and connect to spirit – using my experiences and share my love of natural health with those around me. I think the Creative Catalyst Mala would be a beautiful tool to bring light and creativity to these areas for me while I continue on manifesting my destiny!

  13. Aine (@dainec) says :

    Okay, I already follow @tinydevotions on Twitter and like them on Facebook. I just tweeted and posted to the Tiny Devotions FB wall about my love for the Creative Catalyst mala and this giveaway. 🙂

  14. Allie says :

    First off, I just found your blog from the Tiny Devotions Facebook and I love it! I’m loving your writing style and stories! Second, congratulations on your big move! I’m currently in the process of wanting a similar BIG change in my life right now, so I really admire your venturousness & authenticity! Lastly, thank you for offering this giveaway!

    I love and have wanted one of Tiny Devotions malas, but money is always a little tight for me so I haven’t been able to treat myself to one. The creative catalyst mala would really be perfect for me for two reasons. I’m studying to be a health counselor and I’ve been trying to come up with a creative way to get out there and help people and make it fun for them. I’d like to try my hand at blogging but I never know where to start or what to write about! Also, another huge hurdle holding me back is a fear of failing. They say that Rhodochrosite is good for overcoming your insecurities, and I definitely would appreciate the extra help.

    Thank you again for providing your readers with this opportunity, best of luck to all the participants and much universal love to you! 🙂

  15. Stephanie says :

    Following Tiny Devotions on FB and Twitter already 😉 The Creative catalyst is beautiful… “Rhodochrosite heals the heart chakra and is especially good for loneliness and insecurities. “…. I battle my insecurities and my confidence suffers because of this… I have this grand thought of pursuing a two new careers that are driven from my hobbies… but when I think of dealing with a client, or transitioning out of my current job (which keeps me down) I fear disappointing them or not doing the right job…

    I also see what looks like rose quartz crystals, which are also helpful for the heart chakra… I feel with those to help me love myself and having a creative boost flow through me, my confidence will rise, my wings will spread and I will soar high to my goals. Thank you for sharing the gift of love and creation…and inspiring me to open up a bit and share my fears…it’s a step towards releasing them 😀

  16. QueenieCarly says :

    P.S. I jumped through all your Facebook & Twitter hoops, my darling! And then some. xo

  17. NatalieJ says :

    Thank you for this contest! I’d love to win this mala for my sister. She is going through some life changing experiences, realizations and decisions and I know she really needs some help. She is my only sister and unfortunately I live across the country from her so I know I can’t be there to help and I would love to be able to send her this to show her how much I want to help her during these difficult and stressful times. she needs all the support she can get and being this far away I know I’m not the best support that she needs.
    Thank you again for this opportunity!

  18. NatalieJ says :

    I have done all that you’ve asked!!! xoxo
    -left comment
    -I already like(love) tiny devotions on facebook, and made wall post
    -already like tiny devotions on twitter
    -like @LaurBridge on twitter
    -made twitter post

  19. Teri Roy says :

    The “Creative Catalyst” would be perfect for me, right now!! I love Tiny Devotions and am a fan already but I need a Universal “push”…. I’ve put my house up for sale, made the decision to quit my job, take my yoga teacher training and move to South Africa for two years. Now I just need to have it all happen!

    I loved reading your story and all the comments. They all provide wonderful inspiration.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this lovely contest. The mala will go where it’s needed most ❤

  20. Teresa says :

    Hi there, thanks for the opportunity. Everyone needs a mala! They have such power and meaning. I am new to yoga and luving every minute of it. I do meditation as well and this mala would definately help with the chakras during and out of class. As well it would help with my journey as a new yogi. I as all of us have alot going on in our lives, me with an injury that just won’t go away and possibly changing my career path, to IVF to have a baby and keeping positive to my inner self ailments which i will keep to myself, staying positive and luving is the key. We all deserve to win and may we all be so lucky 🙂 Namaste!

  21. Teresa says :

    sorry don’t tweet but i am definately a fan on facebook 🙂 thanks again!

  22. Sheena Cunning says :

    I create jewellery myself, but for the last 2 years or so (since the birth of my daughter) I’ve felt a creativity block. I have had no desire to make my jewellery and when I pull out all my supplies I end up frustrated and then put it all away again. The “Creative Catalyst Mala” would hopefully help bring back some of that creative zing I had before. I LOVE making jewellery, I don’t understand why I don’t want to do it anymore 😦 It’s been breaking my heart.

    • SheenaC says :

      Done and done.
      I’ve been a follower on Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now. (Twitter @Shuddhayoga).
      I’ve left a personal msg for my friends to send me lucky vibes and “like” Tiny Devotions in the process 🙂

  23. Sabriena Satchwell says :

    I am already a fan on Facebook, and I don’t have a Twitter account…

  24. Sabriena Satchwell says :

    As for why the Creative Catalyst mala is perfect for me… I am in the middle of a hard place in my life and I am working so hard to create my perfect/ideal life. Only it seem I am hitting a lot of road bumps which is making me question what I am doing, and that is not how I should be feeling. I know sucess is no accident and thats why I wont give up, but maybe by winning this mala will help give me that extra creative push I need and to block out all of my insecurities while aligning my heart with everything that matters most to me in life. 🙂

  25. Shannon Kelly says :

    My darling Laura. First of all, this post made me so proud of you, again. You took life into your own hands and made tough decisions that were right for you. Recently I did the same. Without bringing up the details of which you know, I am happy to say I am in a creative job, shedding the unhappy weight, and on day 2 of yoga. What a wonderful gift to have, “Creative Catalyst”. It would most definitely assist in bringing out the creative juices, but also keeping me centered through this new journey. All the best to you, in yours. Love you, Shan.

  26. Shannon Kelly says :

    And I did all of the above 🙂 muah!

  27. Morgan @ Life After Bagels says :

    I love the creative catalyst mala … first of all I love pink so it’s right up my ally .. and second of all, now that I work part time for my boyfriend who’s an artist, I need all the creative help I can get 😉

  28. Lynne says :

    I left my life in the art world to take a corporate position. After 13 years I decided that I had enough of managing people. It had become a very negative job. I have autoimmune and immune disorders and the postiion was too hard on my health. The stress was incredible. I stepped down to an entry level position and took a 20% pay cut. I am now a reiki master and I’m working hard at yoga. All my decisions have created a more harmonious life with my husband & 3 cats and my health is better. Someday I hope to become a yoga teachers. I’d do it all over again too! I would like the creative catalyst to me me keep going.

  29. barefoot and frolicking says :

    What a beautiful giveaway Laura! I am very inspired by your post, and how the mala beads have been an influence on your recent move and life changing direction.

    I think the “Creative Catalyst” mala would suit me in my current situation, because I will be embarking on my certification as a yoga instrucor, which I’m hoping will be the catalyst to helping me figure out the next phase and direction of my life (a change of jobs from what I am currently doing, to pursuing my health-related endeavours). I think the “Creative Catalyst” mala will not only inspire me to make the change as you did, but also would be a perfect fit for yoga and meditation practices 🙂

  30. barefoot and frolicking says :

    Also, I already follow Tiny Devotions on Facebook and Twitter.

  31. Kristi B says :

    I would love to wear this creative catalyst mala. I’ve had the pleasure of buying a Tiny Devotion mala for my sister who is recovering from cancer but have not been able to buy one for myself, yet! I love this beautiful mala! It is perfect for me because my family and I recently moved across the country from Florida to Washington. While everyone is away at either their new job or new schools, I am at home trying to create a comfortable sanctuary for us. This is challenging for me since I’ve always worked full-time teaching. Now I have the time to practice yoga regularly along with setting up our new home but it is quite lonely. As I consider starting a new career, I know this mala will help me be strong to take those creative chances to go out and try new things in our new city. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  32. Clarisa Mompremier says :

    Hi, I am already following Tiny Devotions and am a huge fan on Facebook. Here is my tweet.
    Would love to translate my love for spiritual work, into colorful pieces of art! @LaurBridge @tinydevotions

    I would love to manifest the Creative Catalyst Mala. I am spiritual life coach with a passion for spiritual work and helping others find and experience their own journey. I love art, and have been channeling my inner artist. I welcome some sacred, divine assistance in creating powerful and inspirational art pieces that would inspire others to believe in love. My intention is to hang “love” on every wall, in every home, in every office, basically inspire everyone to choose love over fear. These tiny miracle workers would have a lovely home on my neck.

  33. Nicolette Carriero says :

    The malas are beautiful! A creativity mala would be perfect for me. I am in the midst of a career change. This mala would remind me of all the talent that I have and the abilities as well!

  34. Nicolette Carriero says :

    DONE AND DONE! I completed my mandatory homework and completed the extra credit, too!!!!! LOVE ❤

  35. sister says :

    I’m going to be really excited for whomever wins, but Natalie and Kristi, you both warm my heart wanting to win this for your sisters. S&S readers will recognize me as “sister” in Laura’s posts…she’s my most favourite, and I’m tearing up reading about your sisters’. All the others entrants have amazing stories as well.

    Inspirational bunch.

  36. Andrea Guerra Palencia says :

    Wow, the Creative Catalyst mala is pulling me in! I am currently going through some BIG dreaming and shifts in my life. Really, I am working on narrowing down and nourishing my passions and place in the world, and trying to find that extra special area in which I can be of service. I could really use some extra creativity in arriving at the BIG idea and plan!

  37. Andrea Guerra Palencia says :

    Hi again!

    I left you a warm fuzzy on Facebook 🙂 I do not use Twitter, so that was the very very best I could do!

  38. Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

    Shelliegh wasn’t able to sign-in to leave a comment so I’m posting this for her. If anyone else is having trouble, just send me an email and I’ll post it for you.

    “When I read outloud..Creative catalyst it hit me I need that in my life the Perfect mala has hit me so many times in the past year and this just recomferrmed my feelings and where my next journey is to be and with who….thank you for listening to me theres a star for every reason….have a great day. Shell”

  39. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    Laura!! I am late to the party but I LOVE this!! It would be perfect for me because I am currently digging deep to find happiness in myself. I have struggled for so long with so many things, most revolving around my relationship with food and my body. I don’t blog about it because I’m still a bit hesitant but I’m working really hard to get to that safe place!! I need the strength to get there and it time I know I will. I also am obsessed with pink so that’s a bonus 😉

  40. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    I liked Tiny Devotions on Twitter and wrote on their wall 🙂

  41. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    I Tweeted!! Yay! This is so beautiful. Even if I don’t win, I still want one!

  42. brittney flores says :

    my life is still not my own yet…i work my 9-5 and i am stuck in a monday through friday dream is waiting for me and i dont know how to reach it. i need a push and i need a creative drive.

  43. brittney flores says :

    following on twitter….and left on comment on fb [[im the girl who doesnt know what mala is right for her yet]

  44. Briana says :

    The creative catalyst mala would come in handy to help me make some big upcoming decisions at the workplace. Any little bit helps 🙂

  45. Briana says :

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  46. Briana says :

    I’m following @tinydevotions! AND I liked and left a comment on their FB page!

  47. Briana says :


  48. JoAnne Palmateer says :

    As much as I believe that any (or all) of your entrants would benefit from and deserve to wear the Creative Catalyst mala, I believe that it was meant for me more. By sheer happenstance, I stumbled into your site from the Tiny Devotions site, which I went to because of a write up in a local London magazine about Diana Charabin. The question that lept from the TD fb page to my heart was whether I was blocking myself from my highest potential. For the last 40 years, I have perfected the technique of ignoring my wants by looking after the perceived needs of the others in my dysfunctional family. Less than a year away from retiring and struggling to cope with the recent death of my mother, my dog and the escalating depression of my husband, I am being buffeted by the winds of change. I NEED to release the creative force within me and flow where the writing urges direct me. A happier, more energetic me would make a big difference to my family.

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