Tell me what, tell me what’s your favourite colour.

I want to send a huge ol’ THANK YOU to Karen and Scott for writing super guest posts for me while I made the trek from Toronto to Calgary.

If you missed them, you can check them out here:

I’ve arrived and spent the last day and a half setting up my room and making this house feel like home. I am already head over heels and will share photos soon. It’s the cutest house you’ve ever seen!

To take a break from all the seriousness, why not another get-to-know-me type of post. I’m all about blog-spamming up the internet, and the lovely Katy tagged me with a Butterfly Blogger Award. It’d be rude if I didn’t participate.

So here we go, another look into the strange creature that is me.

Name your favourite colour: Blue, any shade. Let’s be serious, as much as I like the colour nothing but neutrals surround me daily.

Name your favourite song: Right now I’m rockin’ out to Favourite Colour by Tokyo Police Club. (which is funny, since you already know it’s Blue.)

An all-time favourite would have to be Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan, but if you want a version that sounds less Dylan-terrifying listen to Adele’s cover.

Name your favourite dessert: CHEESECAKE! There is no other answer, sorry.

What wizzes you off:  I’ll have to agree with Katy on this one: When people use “wizz” instead of “piss”. Also, people who aren’t dumb but act it really wizz me.

When you’re upset you: I’ll take “Hardcore Bitch” for $1,000, Alex. Not true, as I remind people often – I’m a sweet girl. Stop laughing. One of two things: I rage, I shutdown.

Your favourite pet: My monsters!




Black or white:  Black. There isn’t much in my wardrobe other than black and when I wear colour it usually shocks people.

Your biggest fear:  Probably dying some slow and painful death. I try not to think about fears too often.

Best feature:  My grace and charm, of course. What a stupid question! I kind of have a big crush on my dimples.


Everyday attitude:  Again, I have to say the same as Katy (we really should be best friends) – Sarcastic. Sometimes bitchy. Annoyingly excited.

What is perfection:  No judgment.

Guilty pleasure:  sweat pants and cheesecake.

Want to know a bit more about me? Go click to my first share of information.

4 responses to “Tell me what, tell me what’s your favourite colour.”

  1. sister says :

    I am absolutely in love with this….

    Um, was I possibly one of the people you try to convince you’re a sweet girl? so much rageahol

  2. Elle Hattan (@ElleHattan) says :

    I’m glad you got there safe!

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