Guest Post: Scott from YourInnerSkinny

I’m too excited to sleep! (cue adorable Disney boy)

The excitement of arriving at my destination a day early has overwhelmed me, and I cannot sleep. Today I will be home!!!

As it is rude to wake fellow travelers if they are able to sleep, I’m camped out in the bathroom using the sink as a desk as I type away to bring you today’s guest post.

I found Scott through Twitter and chuckled at his forward and toe-the-line humor – it reminds me of my own, or that of my close friends – and then I began to read his blog. I’m pumped to have him on Scribbles and Sass sharing his world adventures over the last year.

Notes: After seeing these photos, I want to go back to Europe. As we noticed yesterday boy-with-dog photos are swoon worthy, today is no exception. Also, you’re welcome back anytime, Mr. Awesome. (I’m not kidding, he’s the owner of

Scott, the floor is yours.


Hey guys and gals. My name is Scott and I write, bitch, complain and celebrate healthy living and fitness over at  As Laura is in the midst of her new quest across Canada, I’m here today to talk to you about my travels around the world and how I tried to stay fit.

In the last year I’ve lived in London, UK for four months, Halifax, NS for five months and I’ve now been in Yellowknife, NWT for three months, spending the previous nine years in Halifax.

While living in the UK we took the opportunity to travel the rest of Europe by going to Rome, Paris and my favorite, Scotland. Before we started traveling we had decided that we wanted to to keep our healthy lifestyle and eat well while we travelled.  Both the missus and I train hard at the gym 4-5 days a week and we eat well Monday to Friday (we eat what we want on the weekends) but after struggling with sticking to this plan the first 30 minutes in to our first trip, which was Scotland, we decided to not care about what we ate at all. When were we going to have this opportunity again?  We drank a lot of beer, I drank a lot of Scotch and ate whatever was thrown at us and we loved every second of it.

Normally when I travel, I’m usually travelling on business to somewhere like New York, Chicago or Toronto and I usually watch what I eat, I hit the hotel gym and I don’t give it a second thought because that’s how I live my life 80% of the time, I don’t always stuff my face and indulge like this but these were extreme circumstances.

May 18, 2011 is the day when I started my grand drive across Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, a total of 7,516 km in 11 days. (It was actually fewer days than that because we stopped in Toronto for 3 days and Jasper, AB for 3 days as well).  This consisted of a few 15 hour drives and a final day of driving that was 19 LONG hours, all of which was in a 2008 Ford Ranger with some of our life and a dog (Coco) packed in to a small truck.

The plan was to eat as healthy as possible the whole way there; we were going to stop at grocery stores, make food, get snacks and avoid take-out the whole way.  I think that ended on Day 2.  We had the right idea, but getting up and getting on the road at 6am gave us no time and for most of the trip there was nowhere to stop.  Canada is a very large country with a lot of empty space.  The one thing we did find in almost every town, city or village was a Tim Hortons or a Subway and when we couldn’t grab a sandwich or a chili at one of these two places, we tried to have beef jerkey and nuts as our snacks from gas stations to tide us over.  But alas, this wasn’t always the case and sometimes we were stuck with a chocolate bar, a bag of chips or a gas station sandwich (GROSS!).  Overall, I put on about 12lbs in our travels.  If you’d like to see my trip across Canada (there was some amazing scenery), I made a little video during our travels.

Over my travels in the last year I learned how to Gym Shop in a new city and how to put on weight.  I wish I could sit here and give you some tips on how to travel healthy, but it seems I’ve run out of time right now.  Maybe, if she’ll have me, Laura will let me write a more health conscience post about travelling because I’ve got lots of “do nots” to put on a list.  In the mean time, pop over to for some workouts, recipes and all around awesomeness and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for awesomeness on the daily!

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