What’s the plural of moose?

Greetings from a pretty cold hotel room in Thunder Bay!

After 15 straight hours and approximately 1,390 km, mom and I have arrived at the Day’s Inn Thunder Bay right by the Lakehead University campus.

I’m tired and my hips hurt, but I’m excited to almost be out of Ontario and officially 1/3 done my journey. The rest should be a breeze and I’ll only be driving in the daylight from here on in. My horrible eye sight is one reason, but the other is:

Yes, that’s right. The most angry looking moose in the entire world is crossing the road all over Ontario at night, with only minimal warning.

I was so freaked out as soon as it started to become dark. I drive a Camry, the moose would win. No contest.

Food for thought: Meese sounds so much better than moose as a plural. Geese are special enough, why aren’t meese?

I’m resting my crazy head, time for bed.

Keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon for something super special on Scribbles and Sass.


4 responses to “What’s the plural of moose?”

  1. Jonathon says :

    Meese don’t look so angry in Sweden http://www.terragalleria.com/images/europe/swed3641.jpeg
    Hope you have a great day on the road.

  2. Katey says :

    When my Dad and I drove out a moose crossed right in front of us! They are HUGE!

    It will be much better when you hit Manitoba because the speed limit goes to 110 – smooth sailing! Safe driving and SEE YOU SOON!

  3. Y is for Yogini says :

    moooooosies. yup, that’s it. 😉

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