Try it raw.

Sure I like it hot, but sometimes you just need to keep it simple and make it raw. And the more the merrier while you’re at it!

Clockwise L to R: Marlie, Danielle, Jill, Shayna, Christina, Katy, yourstruly, Samantha, and Kristen

Toronto bloggy lunch date!

Thanks to Dani for setting this up and to Sam for inviting me! I had a great time with you ladies talking about blogs, writing, food. A laughing lunch!

I have been to a few raw food spots and really do enjoy them, but I have never been to Live Organic Food Bar even though it is a 30 second walk from my house.

It was delicious! Their brunch menu includes raw and cooked items to satisfy any craving. I stayed to the raw side of the menu – when in Rome – and selected the tacos.

They are made with corn/flax tortillas, guacamole, tomato salsa, spiced walnuts, sprouts + jalapeno jelly and came with a side of berries and greens.

I also eyed everyone’s food. I swear I wasn’t staring and drooling.

Sam* got the big bowl salad:

And Christina* got the waffles:

*Thanks in advance Sam and Christina for letting me steal your photos*

I didn’t want to say goodbye and end such a great sunny date but after a few hours of great conversation we all parted ways. Live was a great host and very accommodating to us, and I enjoyed meeting all the great bloggies.

4 responses to “Try it raw.”

  1. Briana says :

    So much fun! I can’t wait for a nice big blogger meetup like that! Come to Indy? 😉

  2. Janet says :

    Looks DeeeLicious! Funny, there is a gourmet raw food restaurant within 30 seconds of my front door also! Their food looks almost identical to your photographs. I eat there at least once per week … daily if I could!

  3. Christina @ The Athletarian says :

    Haha I just saw this! You can steal photos anytime!

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