Choose your own adventure.

Remember those books you read in elementary school that let you either go to pg. 94 or pg. 17 or just continue on as normal depending on what story you wanted to create? I have reached that decision page.

I choose daring adventure. Thanks, Helen!

*side note: before Helen Keller became famous there was a lady named Laura Dewey Bridgman who was actually the first deaf-blind American child to gain a significant education in the English language, fifty years before Keller. Too bad my accidental name-sake isn’t on record for saying wicked things, too!*

My newest darling adventure? Calgary!

I’ve thought about it for years: where will I go next and how will I go about getting there? And as planned and deliberate as I am at times, there comes an occasion when I need to put my trust in the wind, jump, and see where I land.

About six weeks ago I did just that. I jumped. Rather, I called one of my best girlfriends and asked her if she wanted a new roommate. I’m clean, I like to cook, I pay rent, and I’m pretty fun. I’m sure Katey thought I was kidding at first. Who would think I’d say goodbye to Toronto and hello to cow-town? Not many people as I’ve most recently found out (read: a lot of you think I’m crazy), but my gut knew it was such a great idea, so it took my mind hostage and convinced my heart there was only one thing I could do. Move.

The next day I quit my job (with over five weeks notice, because I don’t want to leave anyone in a lurch) and have been planning ever since.

Have you clued in yet? I’M MOVING TO CALGARY!

I’m moving to Calgary, Alberta on Monday, September 5. Yes, that is eight days from now!

So, since I’ve known for so long I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m just telling you now? To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve written this post in my mind over the last six weeks – it just didn’t want to be blog words yet. Also, giving over five weeks notice doesn’t make things move too fast. Some how the time has passed and as I locked up the office yesterday and handed over my keys I got a fantastic tingle in my spine known that this is official! I’m doing this!

I know the following things:

  • I am currently unemployed
  • I am going to have a great week tying up loose ends
  • I leave September 5
  • I’m driving out, doing the Canada route
  • I’m taking my mom on the road trip
  • I have a house to live in once I arrive in Calgary
  • I have friends out there that are excited to see me
  • I have the BEST support system of family and friends in Toronto that are so over-the-top excited for me
  • I am heartbroken to leave certain people
  • I couldn’t be more excited about this decision

I don’t know the following things:

  • Where I will work (I’ve been interviewing)
  • How I will listen to country music (should have thought that one out)
  • How I will date a cowboy (September date should be interesting)
  • When I’ll stop crying about missing my mom, dad and sister and Andrea
  • What I’ll do without a Whole Foods
  • Where I’ll get my hair done (my poor need to be platinum)

I invite you to come visit me, just not at Thanksgiving because my awesome sister has already booked her flight. Stampede seems to be popular too, wonder why, so if you’re coming in July please pack your own tent for our backyard!

To sum it all up:

Why the hell not?

Jump with both feet, land with confidence, look cute doing it.

5 responses to “Choose your own adventure.”

  1. Katey says :

    To calm your unknowns:

    1. Remember when I worked for the Underwear Affair and quit after 3 weeks? My advice: don’t jump at the first opportunity that presents itself because you “need a job.” It took me a year to find a good one. Be patient, young grasshopper.

    2. Country is not that bad. I’ll ease you into it.

    3. Cowboys are gentleman. It takes a lot of getting used to and can be confusing at times. (“He must be playing the nice card to get into my pants.” False)

    4. I still cry at the airport when I leave Ontario. It never gets easier. But you build a pseudo-family here that you will miss just as much when you visit home.

    5. Community Foods: Alberta’s answer to Whole Foods.

    6. I know a couple good places. Don’t you worry.

  2. Katey says :

    p.s. I can’t wait to officially call you my roomie! EEEEEEEEEEE*

    *Katey’s excited noise

  3. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    YAY for saying it out loud 🙂 good for you, I am so excited for you to experience your new adventure! And country music is AWESOME- especially since the hot cowboys will follow. Amen, sistah.

  4. Y is for Yogini says :

    holy crapamoly! this is such exciting news! let the journey begin. 😀

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