crush. wisdom. passion.

Try this:

Mine were: crush. wisdom. passion. {I’m not sure about the wisdom thing, but the other two seem to be dead on}

What did you get? Do they describe you?

Ever wanted to see an awkward photo of me in University? No? Fake it, dammit! Now’s your chance – Jump over to Health Happiness and Skinny Jeans and check out Samantha’s Feature Friday running post about ME and all my capital crazy. Click it — click it.

I’ve decided Sam and I are going for frozen yogurt; we’ll be fast friends.


6 responses to “crush. wisdom. passion.”

  1. Cynthia @ Cynthia's Adventures says :

    Wow! You do not want to know the words I got!!

    Great post on Sam’s blog πŸ™‚

    PS- I want in on the Frozen Yogurt as well!!!!

  2. Katey says :

    Mine were passion, coke and pee.

    I would agree with passion….but coke and pee?? Really?

  3. Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans says :

    I got NAKED CRUSH FOOL…ummm, I’m a little worried for myself!

    See you Saturday!

  4. Y is for Yogini says :

    reads. hidden. and kiss.

    hmmm. verrrrry interesting. πŸ˜‰

  5. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Yayyyy!!!!! This is AWESOME- I want to give this to my students! Love it! I got Wisdom (ha!), Passion, Talker. Hmmmm…

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