Are you (wo)man enough?

Are you up for a challenge? Ready to jump into your life and really take charge?

Then let me introduce you to Daily Challenge. “Improved well-being. Delivered daily. – The Daily Challenge is a social well-being experience that gives you the opportunity to positively impact your life every day by doing simple daily challenges.”

When Alicia was tweeting about the #SmallActions challenge I knew it was something I needed to get involved with.  Good vibes and jacked up well-being poking at me regularly – or rather poking my gmail inbox – what a fantastic idea by MeYouHealth.

So here was the challenge: seven days and seven challenges.

“Do a knock-out move – Punch the air in front of you, switching arms, for 30 seconds; take a break and do it once more.”

I think I had the most fun doing this challenge, and it was the first one. Who doesn’t want to kick some ass…err..air? I got Mortal Kombat styles up on the air.

“Get ready for H20 in the AM – Gather what you’ll need to drink a glass of water first thing tomorrow morning.”

This wasn’t a tough one for me. Water with lemon is a morning routine for me anyway so putting together the goods was very simple, they are on my nightstand all the time.

“Feel the power of folate – Eat 1 food with folate or folic acid, like dark, leafy veggies; citrus fruit; or fortified cereal.”

I think this just about sums it up:

“Spread some smiles around – Smile at 3 people today.”

Just reading the challenge this day made me smile. Have we met? I smile, I make other people smile, even my random dates tell me this, you should know by now, too. Watch this video (again) and listen to Eoin talk about smiling at people in the subway. It’s such a lovely thought. Connect with people, you’ll feel amazing.

“Go to the bathroon – Use a bathroom on a faraway floor one time today, or take a longer route to the one you must use.”

Funny! Yes, this one was pretty funny. I didn’t even know what to think when I read this in the morning. I’ve got to go where to pee? My office building only has one bathroom, and it isn’t in my immediate office – it’s out of the office and down the hall. But we are making this a challenge, so I walked across the street and used the one in the Tim Horton’s. It was actually rather clean.

“Make serving size front and centre – Write the serving size on the front of the box or bag of your favorite snack.”

I didn’t do this one, exactly. And by saying “exactly” it makes me feel like I sort of completed it. For lunch on Friday I had one of those Healthy Choice steamers. It is very exact in serving size. So there :p I kind of exactly did it.

“Get some gratitude – Think about yesterday’s events, and pick out 3 things that happened that make you feel grateful.”

Three things from my Friday:

1- I am so grateful for my roommates – they make me laugh and are so much fun, even when we do absolutely nothing and just hangout at home.

2-The relationship I have with my boss is one that I could only dream of. He’s a great friend, and I appreciate all of his support.

3- I love flirting! I’m glad I’m good at it; I’m glad the boys I meet are so good at it too.

I love the idea of Daily Challenge! It gives reminders on how to improve your life on the regular in simple and funny tasks. Do yourself a favour and sign up for it, you’ll love the kickstart it gives you. Or you’ll just laugh at the detour you take to the bathroom.

3 responses to “Are you (wo)man enough?”

  1. Maren says :

    I did the daily challenge about a year ago when it was a beta program. I really liked it. Such a great post idea!

  2. Erika Danielle says :

    Great post! I love DC as well – I have a great time doing the small challenges each day and have “met” some great people there. Kudos for spreading the world 🙂

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