All day long you’ll have good luck.

Are you superstitious? Believe in old wives’ tales or urban legends?

I wouldn’t classify me under any of those topics, but I will fully admit to believing in signs from the Universe. She is a powerful creature that always shows up just when you need her – be it reinforcement or a kick in the ass.

Don’t ask me where I learned it from (read: I swear I didn’t make this up) but I was told that when you see a dime face up it means a deceased relative is trying to contact you. Crazy? Sure am! I hold true to this belief. One of the major reasons I still believe it is because I rarely find dimes. Another is that it is a lovely moment in time.

As I returned home today, ready to pass out from feeling like I got kicked in the face – I’m battling a summer cold – I found a little gift on my fan.

Wicked blurry!

For those who can’t make out the photo, it’s a dime. Supposedly this nasty cold is also giving me stellar shakes. I’m a mess.

I triple checked. I couldn’t remember dropping any money. Was this really my face up dime? Oh hello, grandparents!

So I stopped, picked up that dime and gave it a big, tight squeeze in my hand (a dime hug?). I started going through each of my deceased relatives, since I didn’t know exactly which one wanted to chat.

Nonno, Nonna, Nana, Basil, Peggy. I dedicated a good amount of time to each one of them, brought them up-to-date with my life, the big decisions, and the tiny details. We talked about my worries for the living relatives they are associated with, and the joys that they are missing, but always a part of, here on Earth.

As my momma says, “I can talk to them anywhere, I don’t have to stand at their grave.” And so I did, I talked to them all. What an emotional experience; for that I’m glad I rarely find dimes.

Has anyone else heard of this or am I just crazy? Either way, I’m still a firm believer and it was nice catching up with everyone today.


One response to “All day long you’ll have good luck.”

  1. Briana says :

    Dime hug!! I’ve never heard this, but now it will be ingrained in my mind next time I see loose change on the ground! Such a great excuse to stop and think about loved ones gone by. Another great post, my dear 🙂

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