My Seven Links

I’d like to thank the very lovely Briana and Tracy for both nominating me for a “My Seven Links” post. Due to me being Canadian Press friendly, I can’t write ‘My 7 Links’.

This is great company for me to be in. I read both of these lovely ladies blogs on the regular and I enjoy seeing the posts they put forward.

So here is the rundown on My Seven Links:

Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each of the following categories:
– Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

Here I go:

Most Beautiful Post

My simple Tuesday morning post titled: Good morning, beautiful.

Most Popular Post

The joys of my crazy family and pressured dating life came to light in Plus one. and everyone seems to love it.

So, the update from this post is that I never did find anyone to accompany me to that wedding, and ended up sitting beside my second cousin (who is 6 or 7). Ethan told me about how he gets warm when he get anxious and doesn’t eat when he’s tired. He is going on 70; I’m not sure why a 7 year old suffers from anxiety.

Most Controversial Post

Oddly enough I’m not all that controversial on Scribbles and Sass, but I’m very honest in my approach of life when it comes to my actions and dating. Or maybe how I talk about my look-a-likes?

I get a lot of comments that are shocked about how openly I talk about the dates I go on. Examples of that are Glitter Kitty and Be nicer try harder.

Most Helpful Post

This is a bit off meaning, but my most helpful post doesn’t help others – it helped myself. I like to thank the Universe for being such a strong influencer in my life since The Universe gives not-so-gentle reminders. I was in a bad place in the beginning of March and when I opened that letter from myself that I wrote six months earlier, it cleared a lot of things up for me. It was VERY helpful.

Surprise Success Post

I let you all know a little more about me in The why? The who, what? and was surprised to see all of the Twitter and comment conversation that it created. Supposedly my friends can all see themselves in my response. Well, well, I think I know why we are friends, my lovlies! It was nice to learn a bit more about my friends in the process of them learning more about me.

Not Enough Attention Post

I was happy to put together a list of lovely goodies for a special someone to get me for Valentine’s Day in It’s okay to say, “I love you” Pt. 1. Strange, as many times as it was looked at I never received any of these little gifts in the mail or at my doorstep. Valentine’s is year round my friends 😉

Most Proud Of Post

This one actually is not from Scribbles and Sass, but it is a guest post I wrote for Faces of Beauty. Simply entitled “Laura” it is the story of my beauty, my struggle with accepting beauty and my affirmations. It is also the first time I posted a photo of me without makeup and mostly wet hair.

Thanks again ladies for thinking of me when you blogged your list of links, and I hope you liked mine. It was fun to go back seven months to find seven links.

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