Peccati di gola.

In the exploration of all things free in Toronto, you sometimes stumble upon the paid attractions, and some are just too good to pass up; on a discount of course.


From the website: Take advantage of the incredible value of 3-course prix fixe menus at 150 of Toronto’s favourite restaurants.

Since moving in to the new place, the three of us have yet to celebrate roommate-style, a dinner at Mistura seemed like the best way. Conveniently located down the street from us (but when you live downtown, what isn’t?) we took a late-night stroll to the beautifully, but dimly lit, restaurant for our 9p.m. reservation.

I’m not a big fan of eating late, but when a place is booked solid, it means they are doing something right and worth waiting for.

We wolfed down the bread basket to settle our grumbling tummies.

From there we started in on our three course dinner.

I started with the Cavatelli Pasta.

Of course I did. Who can go to an Italian restaurant and not have pasta? You can tell when it is fresh and handmade, and there really is nothing better. It was served in a roasted tomato and pancetta broth and topped with fresh ricotta, scamorza and basil. The photo is a bit misleading, it was actually a smaller portion and perfect for a starter.

For my main I chose the pork chop, served with roasted ginger peaches and potatoes.

I’ve never been a huge fan of pork, probably because the only way my dad knows how to cook it is in Shake n’ Bake. Not always mouth watering, but always dried out and overdone. After eating this, I’m converted. You could cut it with a butter knife, and it was delicious. My favourite part though, was the peaches.

With a bit of a sweet tooth leading me into dessert, I didn’t bother reading any other options after I saw my favourite word in the world – cheesecake! I have always said that the only thing stopping me from eating an entire cheesecake in a sitting is that it is not socially acceptable.

Enter the ricotta cheesecake with orange creme anglaise.

I was so disappointed. It was a brick. I can deal with dense and rich, but this was mealy and the candied orange on the top looked too much like a tomato to even try it. Cheesecake fail!

I washed it down with the remained of my wine, good conversation and great company.

I think everyone was satisfied.

For all those who don’t speak Italian, or who have yet to throw the title into Google, peccati di gola directly translates to sins of the gullet aka gluttony.

The bestie and I have made a Summerlicious lunch reservation at Sassafraz next Thursday, then it’s off to Chicago! Oh ya, I don’t think I mentioned here. Sister and I are going to Chicago for a four-day weekend! Anyone suggestions on what we should/have to do?


2 responses to “Peccati di gola.”

  1. sister says :

    there’s a Cheesecake Factory right by our hotel….we’ll go for real cheesecake next weekend!

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