Born to twirl

I’ve mentioned numerous times before just how much I absolutely love mail. Since I’ve moved into my new place I have received a bunch of goodies from Sister, Lauren, Jonathon and Carly. My heart bursts when I see each handwritten envelope. My favourite piece of mail is a card from Sister years ago after I got out of a relationship. On the front was a gorgeous little girl in the sunshine and the inside said “Sometime you just have to twirl.” Advice I take to this day.

I twirl in parks, on lovely sunny days; I twirl in my room as I get ready, music is usually a culprit; I twirl when good things happen, work, life and the likes; and I twirl for no good reason, where ever and whenever and how ever I like.

With the summer goal of trying new workouts to get me motivated about sweating my face off again, I’ve taken twirling to the next level.

Enter Jukari.

I fly and twirl and jump and get a damn good workout while I’m at it. I’m sweaty as anything when I leave the gym, and the typical “two days later” finds my body aching in such a great way.

The only downside is because it is so popular it is hard to find a class opening. I’ve taken two classes this week, but the next class I was able to sign up for is in two weeks. I can’t wait to get back on the trapeze and twirl.

What new and fun workouts have you been trying?


One response to “Born to twirl”

  1. Y is for Yogini says :

    does ass-kicking count, b/c i do a lot of that… 😛 xo!

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