Red velvet wishes.

Happy July!

Yes, I know I am 11 days too late in wishing you this, but as we approach the halfway point of the month I am reminded of better late then never! I’m really not too sure what has held me captive since the end of June but it always seems to be something.

It started with my momma’s 60th birthday.

My twinner!

I know, I can’t believe it either. She doesn’t look 60! Which makes me happy because I’m her mini-me. I personally don’t think she’s aged all that much in the last 20 years.

Rockin' 80s like you wouldn't believe it!

We celebrated at the family cottage (read: sometimes mom lets us visit) over the long weekend. Lots of sun, beautiful views and family time.

back patio.

While we are talking 60ths, we also celebrated 60 wonderful years of marriage between the world’s cutest couple. My “grandparents” Mimi and Aldo. It’s a long story but basically this family adopted me in and looked after me since birth as part of the gang, even though we have no blood relation.


We had a nice lunch with a bunch of family and friends. We laughed too much and ate too much. A perfect Italian luncheon if you ask me!

I just found out this morning that Aldo, that lovable gentlemen above, is in the hospital with an infection in his arm. He gets dialysis three times a week and the fistula in his arm has become infected. He has been in since Saturday and the grief has finally hit me. If you can keep him in your prayers, I would be the luckiest girl.

On a happier note I went to see Katy!

My teenage dream!

The group of three ladies and five men couldn’t say a bad thing about this concert. Ms. Perry sure knows how to put on a good show. Thanks to the lovely Julie for inviting me, and for the others for making it a great time. I haven’t danced that much in the longest time. Glitter, and gumdrops, and sparkles. Oh my! Let me see your peacock!

Now that I am settled I am discovering all things free that Toronto has to offer, and I have officially fallen in love with Wednesday nights. More on that tomorrow but a hint: it’s yellow and it’s brick!

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