Check yourself.

Only positive people may enter my life from here on in.

Ever come to the point where you’re hit in the face by so much negativity day in and day out that it made you sick? That’s where I am! It is literally making me ill to deal with negative people. Headache and stomachache. I’m not going to deal with it.

Instead, I’m embracing all things loving and awesome. Lucky for you, I’m going to share one of these awesome things.

I have told anyone who would listen as many times as possible about my love affair with Eoin Finn. The yogi-surfer-God that makes my happy heart skip a beat. I am humbled by his wisdom and teaching every time I’m lucky enough to take his class. It’s not often he is in Toronto from B.C., but I make the most of it and supplement with his DVD practices. He believes in the ocean, happiness, non-sexual touching, and sexual touching. All or none at the same time.

He also believes in hugs and hammocks. Enjoy!

While I’m spewing positivity, let me also share the Positivity Blog and their 21 small habits that will help you live a simpler life. I don’t believe #16, but the others are pretty true.

I wanted to share my favourite of the habits with you:

3. Write it all down. Use your mind for better things than remembering what to do. And the mind is often like a leaky bucket. So write down all your great ideas, insights, and thoughts before they go missing somewhere and add what you need to do to a to-do list.

Have any better idea of why I blog, now?

Love, L


One response to “Check yourself.”

  1. Cara @ Chic Meets Healthy says :

    great idea! i also start every day with a positive thought. it definitely helps with my outlook on the day!

    one thing that really helps me at work is if i get frustrated i write all my feelings out and tuck it away. i come back to the issue a little later and have a more clear head about the situation! it definitely works!

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