Giving in.

Do you give into your cravings?

After working with a nutritionist for a bit in 2009, I discovered we usually crave things we’ve become so used to that our bodies develop an intolerance. A very mild allergy if you will. This is a topic that greatly interests me – I am tempted to get my degree in holistic nutrition.

For this reason I know that dairy and wheat are things I shouldn’t give into when I crave them. It usually comes in the form of Thai food (wheaty gluten-filled noodles) or bocconcini.

Thankfully today was a different story. I wanted to eat the ocean – every piece of sushi that could possibly be created was welcome in my tummy.

I settled for spicy salmon roll and a spider roll.

Now if only they made it with brown rice!

I’m giving into all my cravings tonight. For dessert? Mango Popsicle!

These things are wildly delicious! I found them in the organic food department at Loblaws and they aren’t all that bad for you. If only all frozen treats were fat free, all natural, and only 70 calories. I’ll stick with these yummy treats!

What about you, do you give in to cravings? I find its always easier to give in when they are healthier options I’m craving.

2 responses to “Giving in.”

  1. Elle Hattan says :

    Yum I love sushi! When you come to visit this summer I’ll take you to the best sushi place and you get 20% off on Mondays!

  2. JillClark says :

    I tend to always give into my cravings! I can’t help it, I’m a creature of cravings 🙂

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