That smell brought back memories

He smelled like coffee.His face was weathered but his smile was soft around the edges.

He smelled like cigarettes.  His laugh was contagious and his stare demanded attention.

He smelled like Swiss Army cologne. His 6’1 frame was too large for his confidence.

Three men shaped my day and though I encountered many others in my travels none were as important.

The first stood behind the counter at Petro Canada: I left the house early this morning knowing I was in desperate need of fuel. It’s the same routine – go to Shell, pay at the pump – but today it changed. I had cash in my wallet and the Petro is closer. Sure no AirMiles, but I can’t always be a slave to the air Gods. It seemed busy, but I still decided to pay inside. There he was. His tanned face smiling from behind the counter; his golf shirt a bit wrinkled and the smell of Tim Horton’s coffee in the air from the adjoining kiosk. I handed him $60 and then it happened.

“Show me one more time. That smile. I had to do a double take. Just one more time.”

I flashed the pearls in his direction and bounced out of that Petro Canada higher than if I inhaled all that gas.

The second bought my car: He met me at Service Ontario and greeted my from under his dark sunglasses. Swinging keys to a shiny new BMW around his finger I wondered what he wanted with my broken down Subaru. I wasn’t there to ask questions, just to collect my money  and sign paperwork. I walked away tall and proud knowing how a drug dealer must feel with a fist full of cash and no cares in the world.

The last was my date: We went to see The Hangover II. I left a bit grossed out and smelling of 2005. Remember boys, you are more memorable than Swiss Army cologne. You are not my boyfriend from second year university; no one wants to be held in the same light as him. He seemed to be hiding in his tall body, insecure in all the right areas and cocky with his combative nature. The kind of guy that you wouldn’t be surprised could hit a woman in the heat of an argument. I’ll pass on putting myself in that situation. He held the door, paid for the tickets, and threw out an aggressive “what?” when I simply looked at him and smiled. Sorry buddy, I heard it’s kinda cute. Let me show off these dimples.

Interesting day, I wonder who will cross my path tomorrow.

These characters are all a part of something big. I went to bed last night hoping to cap a bad week. Before I shut my eyes I prayed to St. Anthony to return my cat and then I opened my heart to whatever power is above and all around and I manifested greatness. Greatness for my life this week, a large positive gold star that encompasses everything that is me. Can you feel it? It’s huge!

One response to “That smell brought back memories”

  1. Jayme @ runner-n-spice says :

    the cologne thing – why does this happen time after time? Have these boys never had a gf who told them to take it easy on the scent?

    I hope your cat comes home soon!!

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