Oh where, oh where could she be?

Hi my dear friends,

Like always thank you for sticking with me. I’ve been missing, neglectful even, for the last two weeks. Sadly, not because of motivation – but rather a lack there of – work blew up and got crazy. I’ll update you with everything, I will, but not right now. I’m back for reasons other than me today.

I’m back for her:

I'm the world's cutest kitty!

This is Mindy, she is my cat. She is sassy like her momma, and the world’s best cuddler.

Mindy is missing. She got out of the house when my mom was gardening on Saturday, and we have no been able to find her since. The doors to the house are open, notices posted, humane society and animal services contacted, neighbourhood canvassed, tweeted and facebooked. All of these things will continue.

And now I blog –

Mindy is a female, 12 year old brown tabby with a white belly, white on her paws, and green eyes. She is an indoor cat that is declawed and micro-chipped. Mindy isn’t usually outside, so she is most likely hiding and scared. She has been missing since Saturday, May 21, 2011 in the Erin Mills area at The Chase/Eglinton Ave. If found please contact the Bridgman Family at 905-607-7012 or email Richard at streetseen@rogers.com.

Damn right that's ICQ!

I miss my kitty, and I want her home now so I can give her many treats and tell her how pretty she is (like her momma, she really like that).

I appreciate all of the warm thoughts and prayers. Please keep them up, I can’t wait till she’s home.

❤ Laura


6 responses to “Oh where, oh where could she be?”

  1. Sara says :

    Awh, what an adorable kitty and I’m usually not a fan of cats! I hope she returns home very soon and you can fatten her up with treats and smother her with love. Wishing you well!

  2. littlehealthjunkie says :

    Can’t wait to read more of your blog when you return!! I found you over at athlete’s plate and truly love meeting new bloggers!

  3. Jayme @ runner-n-spice says :

    oh no! I hope Mindy comes home soon. I’m sure she will! If only cats had twitter…eh??

    Saw your blog via Athletes plate! Take care 🙂

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