Far too motivated.

What does it take to do a complete 180? To go from standing still, to guns blazing in a heartbeat?

No, really, what? Because it somehow happened but I don’t know why this time. I’ve been sitting with knowledge for a long time. Not acting; just sitting. Then BOOM! Everything falls into place. This is you again, Universe, isn’t it?

Since Thursday I’ve managed to put $6 into my sugar jar thanks to yoga and running. Small victories for my wallet and my waist.

It started with the bestie who was ready to get back onto her mat and dragged me along. We tried out a new studio and even though I wasn’t very impressed with it, the class is what I needed. I remembered the flow and the great feeling of sweating buckets. We returned Friday night and I got my ass handed to me. Power flow you win again! It was hotter than I’ve ever experienced, I felt like there wasn’t any air left to breathe in the room. I left the studio with no plans on returning and a bit frustrated with yoga. A great way to enter a weekend full of it.

We packed up our mats again on Saturday and headed to Octopus Garden Hollistic Yoga Centre for their anniversary party. A full day of free yoga? I wouldn’t miss that no matter the mood I was in from my last class (even though I’m supposed to leave all emotion on the mat). Verdict: I was blown away! Is it possible to fall in love with a space? Yes! It is, because I did. I really wish I brought my camera with me.

I borrowed this photo from here

The 20 foot ceilings and bright sunshine made the space pop, and the fantastic welcoming attitude of the staff and teachers made for a great community. Truly the first “no judgment” studio I’ve been in. We enjoyed the classes, the snacks, the beautiful day, and the information sessions. I WILL be returning there, and could possibly be checking another item off my Conquered list because I want to take teacher training in this space.

Then my mind started turning – I need to deepen my practice and try out a bunch of different styles before I settle on one space to learn in. Enter my Prana Challenge. I signed up for a Passport to Prana, which is a card that allows you to try out many different yoga studios around the Toronto area for one cost. The little plastic card was $30 and gives me access to 75 studios. Oh yeah, that works out to $0.40 per class. Seems a little more affordable than the average $18 drop-in class. As I cross studios off my list I will be giving a review of the space and the class and updating my page.

This made me revisit the rest of my goals. Meditating daily? Yeah, I wasn’t. That changes, too. #MeditationMay has been introduced on my Twitter and I will be meditating daily. Clearing my mind and allowing it to be filled with possibility.

I can relax now, right? I sat back with my Google Reader, browsing through my favourite blogs, when I stumbled upon Jasmine’s celebratory post and invitation to the blogosphere to be part of her couch to 5k. Motivation seemed to be getting the best of me this weekend. So I signed up. I have always wanted to be a runner and in nine weeks I will be. Follow my training, or use the chart to do the program, too.

I realized just how out of shape I currently am while doing Week 1, Day 1 – but I got it done yesterday. And today, I was matched up with Sara, my e-training buddy who approached me with a deal “you kick me in the ass and I’ll kick you in the ass and we will do it together!” Sounds like a plan, Sara! Can’t wait to take on this journey. I already know from our first brief exchanges that we’ll be a stellar match. Oh, also check out her blog Wrapped In Happiness.

Have I taken on too much? Very possible. But this is going to be my month. Dear May, I’m going to make you my bitch.

5 responses to “Far too motivated.”

  1. Sara says :

    I feel the same way! A 180 from not too long ago, like a few weeks, and here I am! I haven’t gone to a yoga class in so long and either I’d have to join a gym or find a studio, not sure I’m there just yet to plunk down more money right now but I’ll keep it in mind. I could never let my mind go for meditation…have that problem starting out?

  2. Jackie @ Baking Charms says :

    OMG tell me this passport to prana thing will still be going on in June…. I can’t wait to go to yoga with you 🙂

  3. QueenieCarly says :

    I looked into the Passport to Prana when I visited Portland earlier this year. I wanted Amy to jump in and try yoga and not knowing any studios in the area, thought that might suit her. Unfortunately, we never followed through. Your enthusiasm has me contemplating the Vancouver version, but I’m just not sure it’s up my alley. Since there’s only one in my ‘hood, I’ve yet to decide if I’m committed to traveling all over town to try new places. I wouldn’t be so skeptical, of course, if I wasn’t so in love with my YogaVibes.com subscription. Next time there’s a promotional thing for friends, I’ll send it to you, Laur. 🙂

    Way to go with all your motivation! Think you can lend me some??

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