Top five things I miss about Laura.

Is it possible for a little lady to catch a man cold? I think that’s what I have.

I’ve been fighting off the scratchy throat, runny nose and nagging cough. Sadly, I cannot fight off the overall hazy feeling, the dark eye circles and jaundice skin, oh and me being a cranky bitch.

Sorry for those who dealt with my crazy today. I get a little emotional and all woe-is-me when I’m sick; she’s the disturbing evil twin of the shit-together me.

When I almost fell asleep on my drive home I knew that a nap was in order. I woke up feeling worse and made some soup. Wahhh! Someone pet my hair, and come couch cuddle. Pay even more attention to me than normal, and don’t judge that I look like a big ball of gross, and paired my favourite baggy elastic ankle sweats with a cute cardigan.

If I know anything about fighting sick it would involve rest, fluids, tissues, hot bath (is that liquids?), sweatpants, lots of pillows, my couch, and movies. Lots and lots of movies. I’m currently watching Easy A because its on TMN and doesn’t involve me getting up from the couch. It’s not on my list of sick favourites (not like that ;)) since it’s new.

My Top 5 Sick Movies

5. Sixteen Candles

Sigh. I love you, Jake Ryan. Doesn’t every girl want a Jake? Especially when they are sick and acting all emo-crazy? He’s nice to your geeky crush, dumps the hot popular girl, then waits for you – yes, you – outside of church, brings you a birthday cake and kisses you while sitting on the dinning room table. When I’m being a suck, I don’t know much better.

4. Eat, Pray, Love

This is rather new, but I’m hooked. I actually fell in love with Liz Gilbert when I read this book. (Shocker, I actually read a book), though in my head she didn’t look like Julia Roberts; she also didn’t look like what she actually looks like either. Don’t get me started on Felipe, he did not look like Javier Bardem in my creative mind.  This movie can be found in my DVD player on the regular lately, even though I don’t watch the whole thing. I fast forward through the beginning divorce part, and most of Italy. I focus on the time in India and Bali.

3. Breakfast Club

Emilio! Emilio! Hi Andrew Clark, forget about John Bender and his diamond earring. Actually not true, both are pretty gross – ILU John Hughes. Yes, I know the second Molly Ringwald 80s movie on my list. What can I say? The girl was on fire. (get it, ginger, fire?) I just kinda love how crazy they get when they’re stoned. ‘Cuz that happens.

2. Out Cold

This movie is by far the most underrated on the list. I’m still very surprised when people tell me they haven’t seen it. WATCH IT! Go watch it, come here and watch it – just do it. This one is kept for when I’m feeling a bit better because I laugh a lot in this movie. Can’t be doing that when the cough is too nagging. It has everything you need – Alaska, booze, romance, sex, stupid people, pranks, that foxy blonde chick from Criminal Minds, snowboarding, and so much more. This is also my go-to movie date DVD, unless we’re looking for something a bit deeper then I switch to Inside Man.

1. The Holiday

  I was unemployed for almost two months in the summer of 2008 and I think I watched this movie every day. Sadly, I’m not kidding – I had a lot of time on my hands. I would wake up, have breakfast, go to the gym, come home and watch this movie. Jude Law is the ultimate old guy. (Have I mentioned I love old men? I do.) He really is the best part of this movie, it’s definitely not Cameron Diaz’s horrible acting and crying for the first time, etc. I also want Arthur Abbott to be my grandpa. He’s pretty awesome. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing a lot of good ones that I’ll remember then want to swap in for my current list. The Star Wars trilogy will always be on a list – the original, not the new ones. Most movies involving John Cusack, especially High Fidelity. Rob Gordon would like this post, because it’s a Top 5 list. My title is a quote from this movie: “Top five things I miss about Laura.” You see, Laura was the name of the main lady character that breaks Rob’s heart then in the end ultimately gets back with him.

It’s almost bed time, since a 2.5 hour nap didn’t do the trick…someone come cuddle, I promise to keep the germies on my side of the bed.

2 responses to “Top five things I miss about Laura.”

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  2. Elle says :

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

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