Be nicer and try harder.

Since January 8 I have made it to eight Toronto Rock games, including one in Calgary. Which is a sad number compared to the 14 I had been to by this time last year. Granted, I worked for the team and they paid my way.

I’ll be the first to admit that only a few years ago I knew next to nothing about lacrosse. I had gone to two Toronto games, and talked and drank more than I watched the action on the turf. Now? Well that’s a different story. I’m no master, but name a player and I could probably tell you some kind of stat on them. If they played for Toronto (Rock or Nats) I can tell you most of their bio info, too. And something personal. I no longer work in the sport, but have stayed along for the ride as a fan and a friend.

Thank goodness I have a group of fantastic bunnies that feel the same way. So knowing Friday was the last regular season home game (already locked down home playoff for the first round) and a day to honour Whip (fab goalie) we had to do it in style.

Oooo hello, I'm Kasey.

Nasty cold sore on Billy. Eww.

YO Whip, Doyle and Sandy!

Oh ya, we rocked the Big Heads! Thank you, Julie. I had such a great time with you, Chuck, Lori, Katelyn, et al. AS ALWAYS!

Got on the jumbotron twice, everyone loved the heads, and we made in the Toronto Star. (Page 2, Image 12).

Photo: Richard Lautens

That would be me, jumping up and down with the Kase head after he scored his second goal of the game.

There was a great tribute pre-game for Whip on his retirement. He’s so badass, and captain of winks. I don’t know what it is about a wink, they make me smile. The team also made up a special program and commemorative t-shirt for the night.

I'm the best. ever.You're welcome.

They lost, sigh, but still drowned their sorrows made an appearance at the bar. So good to see my boys – I miss them daily. Catching up? Check! Drinks? Check! Shots? Check! Having my hair pet? Check! Wait. What? Oh ya, I was in full blown conversation mode when one of the guys came up behind me and started petting my hair. “Laur, your hair is so soft.” Awkward. Then Sister came up and started giving him instructions on how I like my hair pet. More awkward.  Way to look out for me, big sis. Honestly though, I really like my hair pet.

Were the lights coming on anytime soon? Eee, that’s what you actually look like?!

It was a gorgeous night so us gals decided to strut back to the hotel after a street meat stop for Kathryn.

And then my phone blew up. Between 2:58 a.m. and 4:55 a.m. I received three phone calls and eight text messages. From the same person. I didn’t respond to one.

Not until the next morning over breakfast did sister tell me she gave a certain youngin at the bar some Laura advice. You need to try harder with my sister, she said. You need to be nicer to my sister, she said. No where in that conversation, though, did she mention becoming a late-night creepo. Dear you, not attractive. Buh bye. In general my crazy drunk dials (which I KNOW are funny and attractive btw) don’t get that crazy.

Again, thanks sister for always having my best interests in mind.

After a fabulously greasy breakfast in which I dribbled egg yolk down my blouse – remember that clumsy thing? – I was off to Yorkville to get my hair done. I’m delightfully neurotic when it comes to my hair. It’s my thing. Hair dressers? I don’t like. It takes me so long to trust someone new. But when Mike followed me on Twitter with his awesome pink hair photo, there was no doubt in my mind that he had to be my new hair dresser.

Over the red nails, need a colour change.

Let me tell you, this was the first time I got to talk baseball over hair foils. Mike = stylist extraordinaire. Want your hair done, too? Follow him on Twitter and send him a message. He’ll get you in. I’m a bit in love with my new white locks. I’m going back for a refresher before the family wedding in May. Date?

Another successful city weekend.


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