Glitter kitty.

It seems ya’ll like me a lot more when I open up and get personal. I’ll have to share a lot more random facts with you daily. I’m loving all the comments and tweets….thanks for being so sweet!

It’s been fun to see how many of my friends see the similarities between them and me. I guess we are friends for a reason.

Tea for everybody!

Currently drinking my orange pekoe – traditional – from my Miss Piggy mug (thank you, Andrea). Here is another random fact about me: I think I am Miss Piggy, if she were to come back to life as a human. Think about it: blonde, big eyes, love of 80s eyeliner, big nose, sassy.

Uncanny, isn't it?

I’m still a zombie from my trip; it took me two days to get used to the time change, and it looks like it will take more than two to get used to changing back. It is a strange sensation because I don’t feel like I’m on MT – I’m just tired.

Not too sure what to share from my days away in Calgary. Katey and I had such a great time – I honestly don’t think I stopped giggling the whole five days. It was exactly the getaway I needed after the hell of championship season turned me from fun and bouncy to dreadful and boring.

Back to real me:

Saturday night was a bit blurry.

World’s largest smile? check! Far too much vodka and Jäger? check! Party with a bunch of almost-40 y.o.’s in a sandbox? check!

So my boss, who we’ve discussed is awesome, decided to give his friend in Calgary my number so we could party on Saturday night. Sweet gesture. “Do you think he told him you were DTF?” No, Kathryn. I don’t think my boss is trying to pimp me out that much. The generous outpouring of corona was a nice touch, and the numerous hugs and prowl over my bbm were romantic when I thought you were in your early 30s, babe. When I found out you’re pushing 40 I’m thinking you need to spruce up the bachelor pad, ditch the roomie, and lay off the 25 y.o. blondes. Humbly said, of course. Oh well, he pushed my bbm contact number to 60. Good for something.

Other highlights include: Katey serenading me with Slow Jams (read: BoyzIIMen) in the Banff hotel. Dance parties to the best of the 90s (BSB, Usher, Genuine…mostly BSB – love groove shark). Finding the Glitter Kitty slot machine in the casino. Making fun of the guy with the ponytail, errr, everybody. Smiling at late night text messages. Family movie night with Katey and Jeff. Curling in Lake Louise. Spending Sunday night with Dave and Paisley. Watching more movies in two days than I have in four months. Loners.


3 responses to “Glitter kitty.”

  1. Katey says :

    That visit was exactly what I needed too! I wish you were still here (or lived here for that matter…..just saying)

  2. Elle says :

    I love how open you are on your blog. You do not have a big nose. Did you get some free drinks out of the 40 yr old wannabe? I want to see pics of the stepford-wife dress!!

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