The why? The who, what?

Ever want to know a little bit more about me? Now’s your chance.

I got the inspiration to write this post from Joshua, a gent I follow on Twitter. As I snooped around my feed this afternoon, I clicked through to read his post: Non-Secrets About Me! A great “get to know me” piece, I now can tell you a few things about Joshua that I once couldn’t (which isn’t uncommon for a complete stranger).

What I tell you here is no coveted secret, just a little bit of me wrapped up into one post.

Live music makes me happy. Be it someone famous playing a stadium show or an unknown in a dive bar, I’ve found my foot-tapping-head-swaying-shoulder-shimmying bliss for the evening.

Tea solves problems. Or maybe it is the time that I take to decompress, stop and relax when I drink said tea that solves those problems. Either way, tea is love.

I really dislike lateness. I do not like waiting for people – if you commit to a place/time/deadline/situation then show the person on the other end a little respect and be on time. I’m 15 minutes early usually.

Nicknames rock! I will most likely call you anything but your real name. Feel free to make one up for me, too!

I crush easily and often. I can have numerous crushes at any given time, as a single girl I find it fantastically entertaining. Usually it isn’t the odd dates I go on, that would call for mutual attraction (for the most part), but more so a one-sided romance my mind has created. I need to man-up and confess feelings sometimes, but I am trying to “be the girl” more in relationships. The unattainable, the long-distance, and occasionally it’s married men I know I have no chance with, I don’t touch or tell – just crush.

I don’t like to read. I was never, still am not, the kind of person to sit down with a book and read the afternoon away. This doesn’t mean I don’t read – I’ve come across amazing books and haven’t slept in order to finish them – it just isn’t my pastime of choice. It’s an activity I seldom do.

I talk a lot. If you know me, you already have told me know this. I can’t help it, it just spews out of me.  I think it is endearing, others may disagree.

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. Or enemies you haven’t pissed off yet. Pick your poison, but strangers? I want to meet you. I love asking questions and getting to know new people. Possibly one of the greatest things about tweetups.

I am whatever you say I am. You’ve already written your story for me and made up your mind of what I am. No matter what I do, say or think from here on in, you have developed my tale in your life. Thank you for thinking I am: smart, stupid, driven, under-qualified, slutty, tame, loud, shy, simple, spoiled, healthy, fat, organized, messy, etc., etc.

Thanks for the inspiration, Joshua!   Thanks for the lyrics, Eminem!

10 responses to “The why? The who, what?”

  1. Joshua Murray says :

    Laura, I’m supper excited that you wrote this post. I feel like today has been a get to know each other day and you and I have been at the front of the line!

    Keep writing and sharing and being awesome.

  2. Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans says :

    Love it! Especially the “I Am Whatever You Say I Am” I recite that one all the time!!

  3. This Italian Family says :

    I hear you on the lateness thing! That was one of the few problems my husband and I had when we first started dating. We would “meet at 12” which meant that I would arrive at 11:45 and he would arrive between 12:15-12:30. It was awful until we finally decided that he should just CALL me when he’s on his way. Anyway, now that he’s out in the real world with a real job (no longer just in college), he is always on time. I tell him I’ve been a good influence on him. 😉

    I’m also with you on the talking a lot and wanting to meet new people thing. Good stuff! 🙂

  4. Jackie @ Baking Charms says :

    I LOVE live music, too! 🙂

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