But I don’t wanna

I have to be at the airport in four hours and I’m protesting. My picket sign is proving unsuccessful, no one cares about my plea for extension.

I don’t want to go home – I want to travel some more, or stay in Calgary with Katey…she has an extra room that’s fit for a princess (that’d be me).

I have tons of photos and updates ready for S&S, but I’m waiting till I return to my beloved Toronto – choked tha down – till I debrief on the whole trip. But I’ll leave you with a few favourite unedited phone photos for now:

My first look at the mountains!

Katey curling outside Fairmont Lake Louise

High Tea at the Fairmont Lake Louise

In the sandbox at the Beach Party at the Pizza Suite

See you in the Future…aka Eastern Time Zone.


3 responses to “But I don’t wanna”

  1. Sonja says :

    I hear ya…I wish I could be on vacation forever

  2. inspirehealth16--Suzanne Williams says :

    Very cute blog, fun to read!

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