see ya later, aligator!

Hi my lovlies,
I write you from Gate C24 at Toronto’s Pearson Airpor!(From my blackberry, sorry for the typos) The location I am familiar with, the purpose I’m not! I’m GOING ON VACATION!!!!

I am beyond excited to get to the Rose City and enjoy my next 5 day with Miss Kathryn! I knew I had to stop bbm’ing her last night because I was getting far too riled up!

Bounce is my step? Is definitely lacking! The 4:40 am wakeup call doesn’t cooporate with me, and as I sit at the Gate I’ve already remembered a few things I forgot to pack! Oh well, too late now – make shift or buy!

The only form of technology I brought with me was my blackberry, so don’t expect any posts until I get back! Oh, I bought my flipcam too, so maybe expect a video! We’ll see if I remember to film, I’m still getting used to vlogging…well self-vlogging, I love it for my company.

Keep me updated of all your goings on, I’ll miss you!!

Ya, right.

Loves, laura xx


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