Late night conversations.

A week of work, and fun, adventure and trouble has caught up to me in the form of a sleepless Saturday and Sunday in bed. Needless to say I’ve been a Monday and Tuesday Zombie.

I still don’t have my pattern straight, staying up too late talking to interesting individuals instead of getting my beauty sleep which, right now, is kinda needed.

I returned to my Alma Mater this weekend at the urging of my Executive Director. The University of Windsor was hosting the national women’s basketball championships and between doing minimal work, and watching far too much basketball, my boss thought it would be a good use of a work day for me to visit some friends and hit the town.

Take him up on it I did! There is something about that city that brings out a spark in me.

I mocked over Twitter that when I called to make room reservation that the women on the other end of the phone remarked how special I was since I could get a water view. It’s Windsor – not Tahiti.

I changed my tune when I checked in and opened my floor-to-ceiling blinds.

Hello Detroit!

A little gray, but it brought back a lot of great memories of road trips to Michigan,  walks along the waterfront in Windsor and my four years with this as my view. Nostalgia like you wouldn’t believe.

The only good thing about my job, is that I adore my immediate coworkers. I have the four best office mates anyone could ask for – including the most kick ass boss.We may be childish and a bit evil, but that’s why we get along so well. That, and we go to concerts together! He has almost 10,000 songs on his ipod – I like about 95% of them. I keep telling him he needs a younger brother, but lets be honest…he wouldn’t have to be that much younger. It’s me.

Games over – we headed to dinner at The Keg with one of our PSO partners. Romance, a candlelit dinner for me and eight men. Sometimes I’m not sure how I get so lucky. A bottle of wine for me made things go faster.

Off to meet Ash at the bar, but a pit stop was needed at the hotel to charge my phone, and change.

And mandatory drunk self-portrait!

The best thing about bars in Windsor? Four drinks, three shots = $24. I couldn’t even get the shots for that amount in Toronto. Needless to say, I took advantage.

I introduced Ash to the table of boys, as we bounced out the door to the next bar. I invited the group (aka starred down one individual) to the next location. Thank goodness he they got the hint! We enjoyed the live music for about 10 minutes until they started to put the chairs up. Was it 2:30 a.m. already? Guess I need to put my coat on. I was wrong, the bar manager handed me another glass, and the coat came off. The boys left, Ash and I embraced late night conversations. My girl lives 3.5 hours away, and we don’t get to speak too often. Girl talk it was.

Nothing good happens after 2 a.m. (HIMYM):

  • Ran into the guy that used to mix my cheerleading music in 2004
  • 3:30 a.m. is a very appropriate time to have bbm conversations with professional partners, right?
  • Ash got propositioned by some stranger still at the bar – creepy.
  • I still had a drink in my hand at 4.
  • Ran into one of my ex-cheerleaders (male) who decided to confess that he thought something could happen between us (it couldn’t) oh and he’s married (supposedly things aren’t going well)

That is when I needed to leave the bar. I had to go back to the hotel and get out of that situation. Hey Sister, remember how I said no married men were involved in my weekend? I forgot about this run-in until Ash reminded me.

Here is the lesson learned – I had so much fun. I was fun. I missed that girl so much. I am thankful to Windsor and Ashley for bringing her back. Revival was needed.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before vacation – I need this, badly!

Kathryn/Rose City, watch out. Freakin’ awesome girl headed your way.

One response to “Late night conversations.”

  1. sister says :

    i LOVE this post! That’s some fairly tame married man fun, so, I’m a-ok with it.

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