The luck of the blogger

As I mentioned last Thursday (yeah, I’ve been a neglectful blogger) I am the lucky winner of Britne’s bobble water bottle give away she held on her blog.

What great and unexpected Thursday news! It made my weekend working road trip much more bouncy.

The only bad part is when I am expecting mail I get very antsy. I check the box three or four times a day, while fully knowing that we only get a single delivery. Even worse if I have a tracking number. I check the postal website every 20 minutes. When I shipped packages to Carly and Justine over the Family Day weekend I must have entered those slip numbers 1,294 times each!

And just when I thought I couldn’t wait any longer:


I ripped into that sucker like a kid on Christmas. It had no chance. I didn’t need a box opener or scissors to get through the packing tape. I was She-Hulk She-Ra!

That's more like it

I had never seen a bobble bottle before, but after perusing their website I was really curious to know the size, and what colour mine would be.

It was baby blue!

It's so perfect!

Thank goodness I read skimmed through the instructions (I never read anything) or else I would have drank a big mouth full of carbon. The filter needs to be run clean before its safe to drink from.

My fridge has a water filter, but I decided to fill it with tap water to test out the filter. My verdict? It tasted like water. Not chlorine, or chalk – just water.

And the best part? (yes, there is more) Britne included a note on fabulously florescent green paper.

My note and my bobble

It’s like she knows me! I was so spoiled.

As you know by now, there isn’t much that compares to hand-written notes in the book of Laura Elizabeth. When she already gave so much, it was an extra little and very thoughtful treat to receive Britne’s note.

Our brief email exchanges have been lovely, and Britne has mentioned she needs to get twitter! Twitter would promote the shit out of your awesome blog, Britne! I’d follow you 😉 Everyone else should too.

Thanks so much, again, for the kickass water bottle!

Britne writes at Shabbott’s Habits a fantastic and very inspiring blog about how she is taking one year to form 13 healthy habits for life. Bye-bye New Year’s resolutions, this chick is blazing a new path. Check her out!

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