You can’t take me anywhere.

It’s true. I wish it weren’t.

But at the age of 25.5 you still can’t take me anywhere without the fear of embarrassment. Sometimes it is because I mouth off, or throw a minor hissy fit. Most of the time it is because I am the world’s clumsiest person. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone.

Its a habit that has been with me since day one, and I can’t shake it.

I’ve fallen down and up every flight of stairs (inside and out) of both houses my family has owned. I’ve got one set of stitches, and should have three more. I’m actually not quite sure why no one brought me to the hospital. But hey, guys dig scars, right?! I need that answer to be yes. My legs and my face are a road map of me being a klutz.

At least once a week I knock my drink over, and usually all over the person across from me. Sorry Sam, dad, sister, mom, Andrea, Jenn, Aaron, CK, Ward, Jess, Paul, Lindsay, and everyone else I’ve hit. The worst had to be in November when the staff was in Ottawa for football championships. We were all unwinding at the bar having a few pints and the Italian excited hand-talker in me came out. My beer ended up in Sam’s lap. Oops! We had just started to get to know each other. No chance to warn her of what to expect.

So it was only perfect that the next time we’d go out for dinner together I would do something else memorable. We didn’t make it to The Keg. Neither of us were that hungry. There is a Jack Astor’s almost right beside our hotel so we decided to just park the car and stomp through the snow for a really casual dinner.

Since we are in the Tundra, I decided on a nice big bowl of soup for dinner. With crackers of course!

It is a very dark photo since it was taken in the bar BUT that’s me laughing in hysterics with cracker pieces everywhere. I crumbled up my crackers and when I went to open the packet it exploded like a confetti piñata. Crackers overboard, all over the table, in my hair and down my shirt. It was the funniest thing I’ve done in a long time. I couldn’t contain myself I just covered my face and laughed so hard.

Sam couldn’t believe it, and between laughing at me and picking cracker pieces out of my hair she snapped that picture on her phone. What a great coworker.

We are back at the hotel – thankfully our last night here – and I can’t wait till tomorrow at this time when I am in my own house again. Not to mention championship season will be one week from finished. Only badminton and squash left, and those require little to no effort on our part.

There are so many funny and super clumsy stories over my existence, but the cracker shower is a pretty good one. I’m still picking pieces out of my bra and tank top. Have any good ones to share?


4 responses to “You can’t take me anywhere.”

  1. Jackie @ Baking Charms says :

    Hahaha I always get crap down my shirt 😦 Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. sister says :

    …and orange down your shirt at breakfast. You’re on a roll this weekend.

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