Where am I?

I settled in to my hotel bed last night, delighted that it wasn’t as hard as a rock, and was thankful Sam wasn’t snoring audibly. Too bad I couldn’t settle. I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Whenever I have somewhere important to be in the morning I get anxious about my alarm going off. My 6 a.m. wakeup call was no different this morning. I was ready to go by 4:45 a.m. Ugly!

We headed to the car around 7 a.m. to get to my first radio interview, when we were faced with this:

I’m holding that snow brush like a lightsaber. I guess it was my morning weapon

Holy shit! There was zero snow on the ground when I put my head on my pillow.

Media waits for no one, I’ve learned that much in my few years in the business, so I brushed off the car and headed to the station. Two interviews and lots of pictures with the trophy (sorry, none on my camera) and I could finally come back to the hotel for some breakfast.

The worst part about living out of a hotel for three days? Crappy food! We managed to hit up a Metro last night and picked up some veggies and fruit, but breakfast was supplied by the hotel. Hello Fruitloops!

After breakfast we headed to a local TV station for another interview and then to the hockey arena where the game will be tomorrow to check out accessibility. After Sam and I filmed a faux weather report for our own humor (three takes) we headed back to the hotel. I think its nap time soon, I’m a fly trap with the amount I’m yawning.

Boss sent me a bbm saying we can go out for a good dinner on the company tonight. I’m eying the Keg across the street. Let’s see what Sam comes up with.

If the weather holds up we are going to a youth practice tonight. If not, I’m staying in bed..

My heart is with everyone hit by this earthquake/tsunami. Prayers and love.


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