Two-weeks notice.

Greetings from a musty hotel room.

I’m here for the next two nights, and I don’t want to be here a second longer. There was a smoking or no smoking option at check-in. I didn’t know it was possible to still smoke indoors in public buildings – the halls smell of smoke, and the rooms smell of stale cardboard boxes. Thank goodness I have Sam to keep me company and make gross faces at the hotel staff. She’s pretty hilarious; great travel companion.

Tomorrow I get to spend my day lugging around a 100 year old trophy to radio and TV stations and talking history while I giggle when corny reporters and hosts crack jokes about me being the Queen of the Queen’s Cup. I’ve already heard it a few times while setting up these interviews. So lame. I’m great at giggling and tossing my hair.

Toss, toss.

Have you ever seen Wicked? Sister turned to me a few times throughout it and whispered “it must be like looking in a mirror” in reference to Glinda. She’s sassy, I’ll take it. I do believe I’ve had her famous limb-flailing hissy hit before.

Now getting to the title post. Two weeks today I will be in Calgary, most likely with a vodka-water in my hand. I gave Kathryn her notice this morning, she’s going to be ready for me. I’m beyond excited. Just need to make it through three more championships.  Anyone know great places for me to go while I’m there?  Or have someone I should go visit? I know it is only a mini-vacation but it is exactly the getaway I need. Deserved? Oh more than you know!

Lastly, I’m the lucky winner of Britne’s giveaway! Hooray for a new water bottle! I’m very excited to use it at the gym and tote it around with me. Thanks Britne! I’m super excited.Everyone check out her blog! She’s just tackled a goal to drink more water daily, over 64 ounces a day. Way to go, girl!

Hopefully I can have a giveaway here soon. Hint hint to any sponsors!

Until tomorrow, dear friends. I’ll give you a sneak peak into my media appearances.


3 responses to “Two-weeks notice.”

  1. sister says :

    Just as I was reading “…giggle when corny reporters crack jokes…” I was thinking how a good toss toss would fit right in.

    Toss toss!


    Good luck tomorrow. Xox

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