Pants on fire.

So it seems like I’m a bit of a liar.

Not on purpose, of course, as you’ll find out later there are probably a few reason that I don’t actually remember.

I mentioned a few posts back that I only have photo evidence of one past flame. Actually, it’s not true. I had to think hard, very hard, and then I turned to Facebook.

Enjoy my ridiculousness.

Can anyone guess why I wouldn’t remember? It was third year university. I’m not actually sure I remember much from that year.

So here is the truth: I have photos with two, but only remember one! Sorry, CK, you’re not that special anymore.

Looking back at these photos made me start thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about “type”.

Sometimes it is very obvious. My friends Drew is only attracted to blondes, and TJ loves Asian women. Andrea likes skinny nerdy boys, Lindsay needs a 6+ foot tall athlete, and Christina is attracted to Mediterranean gents.

And then there is me. Some may argue but I don’t think I’m as predictable. You’ve now seen photos of two of the guys I’ve spent time along side; in personality and looks I can assure you they are polar opposites.

I tried to figure it out:

  • Dyed black hair, covered in tattoos
  • Blonde and rugged
  • Skinny and handy
  • Curly haired musician

Just to name a few.

I can’t find my pattern. Tall, short, skinny, chubby, athletic, artsy. Guess I don’t have a type.

Do you have a type? Or do you know mine and I’m just being oblivious?

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