The Universe gives not-so-gentle reminders

I got some mail today, with no return address. A plain, white letter envelope with my name and address on the front. I recognized the writing. It was mine. I starred blankly for a second until it all came rushing back.

As part of the Barron Baptiste 40 days to personal revolution program I took in September-October 2010 we wrote ourselves a note, but left it in the hands of the organizers to mail.

Here is what I decided to remind myself:

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This has been a very challenging 40 days for you. The commitment worries, lots of downs and a lot of tear but I just wanted you to remember:

– You practiced six days a week

– You tried the fruit cleanse and mastered it

– You sat and let happen

You have walked away from this program with a better understanding of you.

You want for so much more and were able to just sit with and deal with each struggle.

You need to remember that no matter what you love about yourself, no one else has to because you shine brighter than anything anyone can give you.

Dark times are just the hidden away part of hide-and-seek. You are just waiting to be found.

Do not forget to act on what you are feeling!

Have you gone on vacation yet? How was it? If not, GO NOW!

Remember the struggles because each has made you a stronger person.

Have you found the love in your worth? What about in life?

Be joyful and be committed. Great things will open up for you.

This 40 Days taught you about struggles and realizing life instead of just letting it move around you. Be present in your life and be real.

If I haven’t reminded you lately:


Be your sassy self.

Love, Laura xoxo

I’m actually not sure this could have come at a better time. I have reached my breaking point with work, and just poured myself through the door at midnight when I left for work at 7 a.m. My event is almost over, but I still have two days standing in my way.

I am thanking me for this beautiful note, and I’m thanking the Universe for delivering it exactly when it was needed.

I’m going to try to sleep now (won’t happen), pack my bags and head out for the weekend. Work, work, work. But that vacation I told myself to go on? Is in less than 3 weeks!

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