Remember me?

Happy March!

I am already craving sanity freedom, but the good news is that we are finally in the right month. 20 days.

Now, this is where I need your help. I have seemed to lost something. Me.

I remember me before this disaster. I remember the girl that ran about without a care in the world (when she could run, and didn’t have a busted up ankle), laughed endlessly, and thought she was one of the most interesting people she knew.

Do you remember her? Do you know where she went, or where I could find her?

The annoyingly-talkative bouncy blonde, has been replaced with an impostor. Her mind erased; her personality almost mechanic.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.

1. Yes, I know I’m a giant nerd.
2. I am practicing my use of The Force and jedi mind tricks…watch out, boys!

Speaking of boys, this lack of feeling like me is really putting a damper on my “date a month” goal. I know it’s only been two months, and I’ve had more than two dates but I’ve yet to spark any flames, let alone set off fireworks.

The best date I’ve been on was a Dinner-and-a-Movie-Monday with my ex and his brother, and I’m still trying to find out who the third wheel was AND why I went to dinner and a movie with my ex and his brother. My knee got a little action in the theatre, it feels loved.

I think we look related. No? I also think I look great! (and modest. Yes, I look very modest.) Oddly enough, this is the only ex I have a photo with.

Word of advise, don’t go see The Eagle. It doesn’t matter how good looking Channing Tatum is, that movie is plan ‘ol B-A-D. Also, don’t let brother pick the movie.

I am a firm believer of ‘you get what you give’ so I’m guessing my blank and boring new work personality attracts duds. Lets change that and attract awesome. We’re two days in, I’m going to need a date for March. Know anyone?

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