So long. Farewell.

…auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

No matter the language it is always hard to say bye. So when Andrea told me The Hoof Cafe was closing, I was a little bit heartbroken. The bestie introduced me to the spot at her birthday, and it brought out the inner foodie in me. But eater be ware, this isn’t you raw/vegan bar – It’s a meat lovers paradise. Now I’m no foodie, I don’t wax pretentious about what I put in my mouth. I just love good food, and these people know good food.

On a normal Saturday their chow is in demand, but knowing that it closes next Friday everyone was lining up to get their last fix. It opened at 10 a.m. and when we rolled in at 10:10 every seat was taken and we put our name on the hour-long wait list. Thank goodness Little Portugal has exploded with trendy coffee shops.

We crossed the block to Ezra’s Pound and ordered up two lattes while starring out a foggy window.

So pretty! It was hard to chat over the loud grumbling of my tummy, but at 11:25 we finally got called – our table was ready.

We bellied up to the bar and got acquainted with our adorable server. He was super hipster, super cute, and I died over his tattoos and plaid. I’m sure he was misunderstood and broody like any good hipster, but he had a warm smile and a little scruff.

For starters? More coffee!

Less pretty, still delicious – now my veins are just pumping pure caffeine.

Waiter informed us that they still had their donuts left (not on the menu, not made everyday, and once they are gone they are gone). There was no choice, we needed to gobble them, and their delicious raspberry filling, up!

Coffee and donuts, no matter how fancy, is always a great way to start a morning. But that’s not why we’re at Hoof, you could go to any Timmies if all you want is coffee and donuts.

Bring on the real food!

The menu is posted on a black board above the door, and offers any type of concoction avec meat.

Andrea opted for the crepes.

They were served with their house cured ham, crispy roasted brussel sprouts and this amazing sauce of maple syrup, mustard and creme fresh. I know I’m a weird kid when the brussel sprouts were my favourite part.

I went a bit more “conventional breakfast” and ordered eggs benny.

Not just any benny though, at the hoof instead of ham the eggs are served on top of this delicious and slightly spicy slow roasted pulled pork. *drool* This is the second time I’ve ordered this dish. I was going to get something different but when you know you love something and you won’t have another chance to eat it you stick to the goods. And the best thing about this one? The arugula salad served on the side is dressed simply with lemon juice. Two ingredients and it still blows me away.

Our conversation turned from our Friday nights and catching up to how much we were going to miss this food. A simple solution came to Andrea’s mind. Order more! And that’s what we did. The two of us ordered another plate of crepes (see above for deliciousness) and ate all of that too!

We did ourselves and the Hoof proud. It was the perfect sendoff. I will miss this joint, but am looking forward to the next venture. It is being replaced with BHCO which will no doubt be delicious, and you can actually make reservations at the new spot. Sadly, that means we won’t be able to get in till 2015. I hope I am still living in Toronto when my reservation time comes up.

We waved goodbye to the tiny dive and headed to the mall. I was the Queen of Sales and scooped up a few hair bows, a hat and the most funky pair of Keds all on sale. I totally won!

Another great morning with the bestie! Enjoyed it while I could – back to work I go. What an enjoyable Saturday night.

Peace out my bloggies!


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