Taste the rainbow.

You know those days where it doesn’t matter what happens at work, if you even remember, because you are just so excited for 7 p.m. to come around because you have such amazing plans? Well, that was today!

Even though it was another crazy busy day – I became the master of swimming – and I didn’t have much time to breath (read: I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch) it didn’t matter, because I had dinner plans with amazing company.

February date? Check.

I bounced out of the office at 5 p.m. sharp and got into my car. Have I mentioned yet that Hamilton is the furthest possible place from my beloved Toronto? My social life is definitely lacking due to commute time. I hate doing it, but to spend time in Toronto I’ll fight any traffic. After what seemed like years in my car (okay about an hour) I arrived at Kipling subway station and was almost immediately transported to 1974.

You see what I see, right? Burnt orange and yellow bench seating, and faux wood panneling on the subway car? Okay, good! Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. I knew right then and there that this would be a night to remember.

Two subway rides and a very chilly walk later I arrived at Quince.

This lovely little dark wood trimmed and candle lit place at Yonge and Eg was my only Winterlicious escapade this year. I usually try to make it out to two or three restaurants to dine delicious for little flow…I guess I have Summerlicious around the corner to make up for it.

My very empty tummy was grumbling for some yummy food, and the menu did not disappoint.

For starters a roasted butternut squash and apple salad.

I was totally that girl who “yum’d” out loud while eating. Gosh, I love food.

Since the salad was so healthy, it was okay to splurge a little on my main course. Homemade gnocchi? YES!

Possibly a bit too much cheese when I’m trying to stay away from dairy (again).

Did I mention that Quince had their Winterlicious menu for only $25. Yup, three courses for only 25 bones! And that bring us to the last dish.

Pumpkin Pot au Creme!

I don’t know what else to say. There were no words, just blinking. I’m pretty sure that if it were possible, I would go swimming in a big vat of this pot au creme.  I didn’t want it to end; I ate so slowly.

After great food and great company I was back on the subway heading home. Normally this would be the end of my romantic story – but remember the time warp I took at the beginning of the night? No end in sight.

Every subway ride allows for great people watching, and interesting conversations. I got a few “so how are you doing tonight?’s” on my ride there. But on the ride home the man sitting across from me was like no other I’ve encountered. He was singing Roxanne and carrying a garbage bag full of skittles. “Do you want some candy?”

I kid you not. Garbage bag + skittles = Roxanne.

And I thought I had a great night before this happening. A crazy with skittles will always trump dinner.

Now I’m home, and completed my shred. I miss that crazy…I’m also craving skittles.

Does  a February date with my best friend count? No? Someone fix me up this month!

4 responses to “Taste the rainbow.”

  1. Jackie @ Baking Charms says :

    That’s exactly how I feel about driving to Charlotte! It doesn’t matter how much traffic there is… just want to get there 🙂

  2. KaraHadley says :

    How big exactly was this garbage bag of Skittles? Because that greatly impacts this story. Ahaha.
    Yeah, I think I would drive an hour to see that.

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