Write that down.

Journaling helps. I’ve always believed that.

Expressing thoughts nurtures the soul. Writing and talking allows me to be my authentic self.

I remember writing notes to my grade 9 love of my life, telling him how he hurt me and scarred me – and you thought it would be lovey-dovey. I remember writing notes to my friends in high school and folding them into intricate tiny squares and would colour and design them.

Now that I’m older, maybe a bit wiser, I write differently.

I blog – sort of, I’m committing to being a better blogger in 2011.

I have four or five journals – one on my nightstand, one in my grey purse, one in my work bag, one on my coffee table, probably others.

I have an extensive collection of scrap paper and sticky notes with thoughts, musings, and amazing quotes I’ve read.

I have a personal calendar…

Tada! Enter calendar.

My pretty pink book is a life saver. I bought my first one in my first year of university (I may have almost wrote rookie year – yeah, I work in sports). It keeps me organized, allows me to priorities, and remember important things.

It also motivates me!

When I buy a new book the first thing I do is enter birthdays. It’s Lori’s on the 12th if you couldn’t make that out from the photo. The second thing I do is write myself a note on each week’s page.

This week “Goal Check! Are you on track?”

I’d like to say the answer is yes; it isn’t. I’m half and half – but today when I flipped my page I knew I had to revisit them. So here we go.

One of my goals was to have at least one date a month. I did this back in 2008, and it was a nightmare…or hilarious. Judgment on that depends on if you were me or my friends. The goal of that was much different than it is now. In 2008 I was trying to get over a love, mend my heart and get myself out there again. In 2011 I’m looking for a great man. If you know me, you know I hate dating. I hate date 1-3; they are awkward and never go really well. I also hate them since I never seem to be able to conquer them. So even though I met two lovely gentlemen in January, one ended after the first date and the second ended after the second date. Time to reevaluate, plus I promised Sister that I’d stop dating old men (yeah, one was 39) and limit my range to 28-32. I think this is wise. February is a short month and I’m already five days in, gotta hurry up on getting this month’s date planned. Know anyone for me?

I actually will be far ahead of my goal to have my car paid off by May 31. I only have $1,100 left to pay, so that should be finished by the end of March.

I’m drinking more water, washing my face properly daily and flossing more often. Now I know that the latter of those two goals make me seem like the smelly kid in class, but I’m really not. I promise you I have great hygiene. I floss daily, but would like to at least twice a day. And, well, MAC makeup just stays so nicely.  Okay and maybe my mom told Sister she hates it when I don’t brush my hair. I really need to put a bit more pride in my appearance. But man, when I try I’m a fox (and insanely modest).

The other goal I seem to be on track with is hand-writing 52 notes this year. Why 52? Because that is how many weeks there are in a year. One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is cards. Handmade are my favourite, but receiving a card, no matter the occasion, makes me smile from ear to ear. As I went over with a few friends at my birthday and then again at Christmas, I don’t want a gift, just get me a card.

I am just going to put this out there – I am a card whore (who’re) <– if you don’t know, don’t ask.

I just don’t take all the card lovin’, I also am a giver. Did you want a card in the mail? Just send me your address and let me know when your birthday is and what your favourite holiday is.

I have been collecting note cards and stationary – no matter the occasion I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put a few cards in the mail, and just today wrote a few more. I can’t tell you who they are going to yet – they haven’t received them. My bloggies can’t know all the secrets, plus the people reading this are probably the ones that are getting the first notes.

Moral of my story? My personal calendar is still my best life investment.

One last note…this one is for you. Yes, you!

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One response to “Write that down.”

  1. sister says :

    1. hair brushing is over-rated
    2. I’m making someone’s v-day card this weekend…and if someone happens to be YOU, you should be excited, cause it’s awe-some!

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